Zivame-How to choose the perfect fit ladies underwear

Zivame – How to choose the perfect fit ladies underwear

Clothing items, especially the ladies underwear requires replacement after some time and you need to clean out your panty drawer timely. You need to toss those oldies when the time comes or they will just create a mess in your wardrobe. Although high-quality bras and panties can last for a long time if you take good care of them. You can easily SHOP ONLINE for your panties and make the right choice according to your outfit or elegance.

There are many signs that help you recognize that it’s time to toss away those old panties and bring in new ones.

  • They are now stretchy: Your panties age too and they will fade and fray from here and there. The elastic in the panties wear out with regular use and cause them to go out of shape, which can make them fall off or irritate you. If the panties are no longer stretchy they will not work well and in some cases panties may shrink their size after washing so they might not fit you properly. It is time to ditch those stretchy or shrunk panties and bring in new ones so that you stay away from discomfort.
  • If you are not comfortable: If you have panties in your wardrobe that don’t make you feel comfortable or right, then it is time to move it out. It happens especially with the lacy ones that become rough and irritating after multiple washes. Irritating underwear can cause many health problems so it is better to toss it out and buy a new one.
  • They are out of shape: Panties can become out of shape when used and washed regularly so it is better to rotate around 6 panties and not use only two or three. However, if they are out of shape, then it’s time to get in new ones.


How to shop for the right ladies underwear:

It is crucial to select ladies underwear that is comfortable and stylish depending on the design of panties that you prefer. With comfortable and stylish innerwear we get the confidence to step out in style and stay hassle free. Type of panties you prefer also depends on the type of outfit you are wearing as different panties have been designed for different outfits. You can feel quite sexy with thongs and they can help you get rid of panty lines in dresses. Many women prefer thongs and although they are not too comfortable, they can help you look amazing in various dresses as they are practical and appealing. Another common style to buy is the G-string underwear that enhances the sensuality and confidence and it helps you escape from the panty lines in pants and dresses.


Boyshort panties are designed to give more coverage and cover the butts entirely. They are designed in pure cotton and look like a boy’s boxer shorts. You can also opt for seamless underwear that is sleek and smooth to wear under tight-fitting outfits. They stick to the skin and offer good comfort and coverage. Classic ladies underwear, however, is the most popular and common style worn around the world and provides enhanced comfort for long hours. You can choose from the high waist or low waist ones and they are the best to use during periodsBuying the right type of ladies underwear is really important as they need to be comfortable and stylish so that your confidence gets a major boost. I prefer to buy my undies online as I can browse through a wide variety of styles and colors from my mobile, tablet or desktop and make the right choice.

How do you prefer underwear?

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