Ariel #Sharetheload everyday,not just ONE day

           Ariel #Sharetheload every day, not just ONE day

8th March is celebrated as International women’s day all across the world. It’s a day where we women feel privileged to be what we are,  we got out to do shopping and pamper ourselves. Our loved ones (husband) help us in particular on this day or maybe they prepare morning breakfast or something special to help us feel that we are special for them, this is how we have practiced women’s day but don’t you think so that Women’s day should be practiced every day. Men should equally take part in household chores when we women equally take part in every role. This year we celebrated women’s day in association with Ariel #sharetheload and ended it with the screening of Captain Marvel at PVR Saket. Share the load Campaign by Ariel – Ariel has organized a campaign on removing the stains of gender inequality #ShareTheLoad .The basic concept behind the campaign is to encourage Men that they need to share the load of the household duties as women do.No household job is defined by gender.Sharetheload further states-Why can’t men do the laundry? We are living in the 21st century but still, somewhere down we lack in inequality in terms of gender.M an are still considered superior. We want our women to be smart, intelligent, beautiful, tall, fair and slim..Or did I miss something??? Yes, we want them to be equally good in household chores also. This is how we or our culture defines a perfect woman, who is exceptionally best in all the scenarios. We teach our daughters to be responsible, but we don’t follow the same set of teachings for our son’s.

Few pointers we must follow while raising our son’s –

  • Don’t assign genders to activities and objects.
  • There are no boys and girls activities.
  • Toys aren’t boys toys or girls toys.
  • Boys do cook.
  • Boys do laundry.
  • Colors are not gender specific.
  • In short, boys do everything that a girl can do.

As parents, we need to teach, our son that all human beings come with equal rights despite their gender. Though everyone has their strength and weakness.

On the occasion of International Women’s day, they had organized the event with celebrity couple -Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta. Where they interacted and shared their views on how they balance their professional and personal life.Ravi Dubey mentioned that his mother raised him and taught him about gender equality and he follows the same teaching answering to the media.

After the fun-filled interaction with the couple, we were excited to watch the screening of Captain Marvel, as the story revolves around the first women superhero. We had a fun-filled day with interacting with the star couple and ending the day to such a great movie.

I would end my post with the famous quote I read somewhere –

We just “Teach”, “Preach”, Equality among Genders.
But we never practice it.

It’s so true, that we should practice what we teach and this statement goes for all. I would recommend, that one should equally ask their son to take an active part in the household chores. Since it’s not one’s duty to full fill all the requirements.

“This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with BlogAdda.


  1. I have heard a lot about this initiative by Ariel and I loved it. Yes, we do preach and teach the equality but we are the one who never practice it.Moms still fell that boys should only know and do it in emergency and not regularly.

  2. Yes it’s not about one day or a week. It’s about everyday. Great initiative by Aerial and we should also start implementing it in out homes.

  3. I just loved this amazing initiative by Ariel, would Sharing the load is something that every household should adopt. I am definitely sharing this blog with my friends too.

  4. I have heard about this campaign done by Ariel. And #sharetheload is indeed an amazing step by Ariel. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.


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