What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

What to pack in your hospital Bag?

For a first time mommy, who is waiting for her  first baby to arrive soon  it’s very important for her to know, what she needs handy in her hospital bag.You will not believe it, but it is one of  the most googled topic on internet and thanks to internet ,it becomes very convenient for mommies to decide what they need to carry.Though the hospitals these days do give a check list before admission ,but you know how mummies are curious as always .So let’s see what all is necessary for all the mommies and babies out there.After calculating your due date it is always advised that one should be prepared as soon you are 36 weeks pregnant .After 36 weeks one can expect the baby anytime and  to be honest a would be mom needs to prepare two bags ,one for herself and one for the baby.

Hospital Bag for mom before & after the delivery –

It is equally important for a mom to arrange her bag before she hits the hospital, because she herself knows what’s the best for herself and her would be  baby.Before moving ahead with the pointer I would like to share my personal tip that you  should keep some snacks ,headphone extra pillow and lip balm and something to cover yourself maybe a stroll or a shawl . Let’s get ahead with the  list –

Hospital file/Id/Insurance papers –it’s very important to keep your records in a safe and handy place, so it’s easily available when required.

Maternity pad –These pads are especially designed for females after they deliver a baby.

Toiletries –I would suggest you to take your shower gel with nice sober fragrance that make you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Clothes –Arrange clothes keeping in mind your situation and where are you,keep feeding gowns,nursing bra ,towel some warm or cozy clothes .

Hospital Bag for Baby-Some piece of advice before we move to the pointers-it’s very important to keep your baby warm ,germ free and hygienic since the time you little ones comes into the world.

Wipes-Newborns skin is very sensitive and it is always advised to use unsentened and medical grade wipes such as Mothers sparsh 99  unscented water wipes to clean your baby face ,hands or poo.Mother sparsh wipes are water based wipes ,which can be used from day one.

Diaper –Now a day’s doctors are prescribing diapers to a newborn ,so choose a brand that is skin friendly for your baby .

Bodysuit– Take full cover clothes for your baby ,as the skin is sensitive it’s best to keep the little one covered and keep him warm. Take booties for hand and feet ,so they don’t hurt themselves with their own nail. Carry cap for the baby too.

Blanket  and pillow –This is my personal suggestion always take extra blanket and pillow for your little one because it is advised that the baby sleeps next to her mom ,to keep the baby safe from falling  or any other mishap take all the necessary items .

Sterilized bowl & spoon –Incase you are unable to feed your  little one ,its always advised to keep a sterilised bowl and spoon for making milk for the little one.

Car seat –I won’t say it’s important, but it’s actually the need of the hour..No one can trust how the other person is driving and how it will affect the people on opposite size.

In short your hospital bag should be compact with all the necessary items such as wipes ,diaper clothes to keep your little one safe and secure. .Wipes are very important ,because it is used in cleaning and wiping the baby and we should always trust in the best like I do in Mothers sparsh 99 water wipes ,Mother Sparsh wipes are #India‘s purest and thickest baby wipes available online/offline.They are 99% pure water wipes.✔️ The wipes are 100% biodegradable.✔️ They are velvet soft.✔️ They have medical grade cloth.✔️ They are soft and gentle for baby’s skin.✔️ It is easily available near you .Priced at Rs 299/- each.

I hope my post helps  the ones reading it.

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  1. These look like the perfect list of items to pack for a baby to come out. I’m sure all the new mommies out there would be panicking on what to carry this seems like a perfect list !

  2. This is such a well curated list. Everything on point. It’s important to have all these essentials in the hospital bag for a hassle free medical experience.

  3. This blog post is going to be so usefull for all of us…I am surely going to share it with my frinds and family who have kids..great write up !

  4. Hi, just required you to know I he added your site to my Google bookmarks due to your layout. But seriously, I believe your internet site has 1 in the freshest theme I??ve came across. It extremely helps make reading your blog significantly easier.

  5. This is a wonderful check list for every expecting mom..now that my baby is big; I still carry Mother Sparsh wipes for my son..it’s gentle!!


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