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Lets see what I purchased 

1-Floral golden earrings 

The back side of the earring is already rusted ,so no use of these earring as it will give infection to my ears. 🙁

2-Polyester Print Double Bed Sheet 

3-Non stick frying pan-

The guarantee card is almost going to expire soon ,so no return or exchange 🙁
My Take On Lime is a friendly website ,one can easily check what they are looking for.The prices are quite reasonable .I had placed an order for 3 different things and to my surprise I received them in 3 different packets delivered on every alternate day.
The packing was nicely done.As for the products ,the earrings backside is already rusted,as I have mentioned above ,the  guarantee card of the non stick pan is going to expire soon and the quality of the bed sheet is ok,nothing great ,so overall I have a mixed feeling for the website ,not sure will I purchase anything in the near future.

Easy Return (15 day, no hassle returns)
Free shipping above Rs299/-
Create and earn(scrapbook)
Available on android app
Nicely packed

Poor Quality
Outdated products
Rusted stuff(earrings)

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Disclaimer-Its sponsored review ,however the option is 100% mine


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