About is  an Indian furniture & home décor retailer selling furniture, furnishings, décor and kitchenware. The company retails online, and has partner showrooms in India. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, NCR.

My Take On– If you just go through their website ,the website looks so tempting ,that one tends to purchase something and same thing happened with me not once but twice.
For the first time I had  ordered a Wall clock to gift it to someone on their anniversary ,but as usual the product was not delivered on the time specified ,that is 10-12 days ,after that they gave me an excuse that they are having  an issue with the courier people  who usually delivery’s the product in NCR region ,so I finally cancelled my order and the amount was refunded .

Second time I had placed an  order  for 4 products  on my Delhi address and thought the product’s will be delivered before or on time ,but to my surprise they normally  take 10-15 days to deliver a single product,which is so awful. Out of the 4 product 1 was not delivered ,one was damaged and other two were fairly of poor quality.

Details of my order
I placed my first order on –Order Date: 11th Feb, 15,Order No: 207972412,Mode of payment: Prepaid,which was never delivered ,so I cancelled it after 15 days.

Second order I placed onOrder Date: 6th Apr, 15,Order No: 205939632,Mode of payment: Prepaid

The Product wereDecal Dzine Little Catty On Branch Wall Sticker (Delivered)

Decal Dzine Living Room Family Photo Tree (Not delivered)

Fab Time Black Ancient Wall Clock (Defected piece)

Amethyst Squares Polyester Double Bed Sheet Set (Quality is fairly poor)


Fake accent of the CC 
Late delivery (i.e-after 12-15days ,that too depends on the product one has purchased)
Poor quality
No message when the product will be delivered
Damaged product
I will never recommend anyone to


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