VLCC Daily Protection Lotion SPF 15-Review

                                 Daily Protect Anti Pollution Lotion With SPF 15 PA+

What the Company Claims-Enriched with Green Tea ,a powerful anti-oxidant which protects skin from damaging effects of pollution and environmental stress and Orange Peel Oil which soothes skin and moisturizes naturally.
This lotion fights and defends your skin from pollution all through the day.
Complete with SPF15,it also protects your skin from sun damage .It forms a coat on exposed skin,protecting it against harmful effects of pollution and is best suited for women with an active lifestyle.

Direction-Apply on your face and neck.Wait for a minute before using make-up.

Key Ingredients-Miconized titanium dioxide,sunscreen blend,silicon blend,trehalose,orange peel oil ,green tea extracts and polyamide.

Packing-Comes in a handy plastic bottle with a flip flop cap.
Net Vol-100ml
Price-Rs 79/-
Shell Life-36months from Mfg Date.

My Take On The Product-This lotion is not watery but quite thick as compared to other lotions available in the market.Best part about the lotion is its non -sticky ,has a mild floral  smell,absorbs quickly,giving sun protection without causing any skin irritation or so.

Enriched with Green Tea.
Budget buy.
Absorbs quickly.
No side effect.

SPf 15 (Very less sun protection)

*Best suited for normal or dry skin.

Rate 3/5


  1. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.


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