VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

Description-Has the blazing sun robbed your skin of its natural radiance? This Anti Tan Facial Kit from VLCC will help you get rid of the sun tan and repairs the damage done by harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will tone your uneven skin tone and leave your skin soft and smooth.Enriched with Herbal Goodness

This anti-tan facial kit comes with five sachets for a complete facial. Apart from lightening the blemishes and skin tone, this kit also helps in removing dead cells from your skin and makes it clear and radiant.Easy-to-use.

Claims-Removes Dead Cells,
Lightens the Blemishes,
Repairs Damage Done from UVA and UVB Rays,
Leaves Skin Clear and Radiant

Type-Facial kit
Suitable for-all skin types
Shelf life-3year

My Take On The Product – Summer holidays are over long time back,but in most of the cases the tanning is still there.So to remove the tanning one can opt for VLCC anti tan kit,the detan kit helps in removing,excess tanning ,when used regularly.The facial kit has a very mild fragrance,it does not dry or break the skin.It helps in removing dead cells and lighten the blemishes,which results into clear and radiant skin.The only negative part is opening each sachet and mixing the content and then tieing the sachet ,so the mixture does not dry,but somehow ,it dries up.Overall a decent product .

Removes Tan when used in regular intervals.
Easy on pocket.
It’s a travel friendly packaging.
All Ayurvedic composition.

Tedious work of opening and mixing the content.
The leftover dries up ,once the packing is open.

Final Verdict-A decent product for removing tan at home.



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