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TUBBR  Social Network App

Recently I came across an amazing app named TUBBR, which is the world’s first app for the personal social network, where you create private or public walls to share your stories and collaborate with other people. It is a great platform for bloggers, content creators and influencers and it has helped me a great deal as I can make personal timelines with particular set of people like my family or friends to share our best moments privately or can make stories about my day-to-day experiences in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, food and so much more. I have successfully made my community of lifestyle and beauty section, which is growing rapidly and people simply love my posts.

I am able to create and share more focused stories on TUBBR timeline feed that last for 7 days and have also created collaborated walls according to the interest-based timelines for a particular type of people with the same interest.

TUBBR is completely ads free and I can instantly create stories within no time. It is a great app for fashion and lifestyle influencers as anyone can share their interests on the public wall for other people to see. I as an influencer have gained a lot with TUBBR as I can express my creativity visually. I have a Beauty and lifestyle wall, where I upload lifestyle and beauty related blogs and posts along with pictures. I share my interests on the beauty and lifestyle wall like going out, uploading different photos, cooking or my experience with beauty products.

I love to share what I do in my day to day life so I share my daily experience on different things.  On my foodie wall on TUBBR, I share pictures of my experiences in different restaurants, street food or other places and you will find pictures of different types of foods I try during my outings.

Advantages of using TUBBR:

  • TUBBR stories last for Seven days
  • We can have collaborative walls
  • You can invite friends from your e-mail, messenger, Whatsapp or phone contacts
  • Users can discover you according to interests you follow


Tubbr app is a great chance for micro-influencers who can make several remarkable walls in any field they want to like Fashion, Travel, Food, Baking, Blogs, content, photography, etc. get in touch with others by subscribing to their walls, adding friends and sending messages. This app is perfect to bring out your creativity, learning new things or searching for amazing things. We can create walls by uploading videos and images or the link to our blog so that subscribers can enjoy your various posts on the wall.

You can choose your wall to be private or public and will have the power to control who can see the wall. I am happy with the appreciation and messages I am getting from subscribers. You can join using invites from the fellow TUBBRs and be quick as only 100 invitations are available. This is one of the best portals to promote blogs or website as you can share URL with stories. I get the liberty of sharing my content through TUBBR walls with the world and have even subscribed to other walls like fashion, travel and street food.

Guess what there are Tattoo walls, Mehendi design walls and even Garba walls so that you can enjoy the great stories that run on them. So why wait, be a part of this amazing platform that is easy to join through invite that is placed right here. Add fun and frolic to your life with a beautiful world of walls on fashion, food, travel, art, singing, dance, sketching and more. When you join the community, you will get 25 exclusive invites to bring others on TUBBR, but for now, invites are limited so make use of them before they are all gone.

Use my code today and stay tuned. Download the app and add me to your friend’s list.


  1. The application is really interesting and it’s features are cool.
    Creating public and private wall in one account is an unique concept.
    Will definitely use it.


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