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                                                  Kashmir The Place To Be

About Kashmir-Kashmir is becoming  one the most favorite holiday destination  for most of us .Srinagar being the capital and the first stop for most travellers to Kashmir and with its great lake and meandering river, its exquisite pleasure gardens and romantic shikara rides, the old-world charm of its houseboats and the ageless grace of its architecture, the city is a fitting introduction to the many enchantments of the valley.

Main Attraction: Houseboats & Mughal Gardens

How to reach -Daily flights from all metro cities are available.

Places of Interest in Kashmir

Dal Lake – The Dal Lake which has the length of 8 Km long and a width of 4 Km, spreads over a total of 26 Sq. Km.

Shikara ride 
Nishat GardenThe Nishat Bagh is another lovely garden with its 12 terraces representing the 12 signs of the zodiac, which descend gradually and seem to almost merge into the lake. It is situated on the banks of world famous Dal Lake in the backdrop of Zabarwan hills.It’s the largest of the Mughal gardens measuring 548 metres by 338 metres, and often the most crowded.
Shalimar GardenThe garden is built in four terraces with traditional water channel running down the middle. The gardens measure 540 by 183 metres. During the Mughal period the top terraces used be reserved for the emperor and the ladies of the court and was the most magnificent.
Chashma Shahi-Smallest of the Srinagar Mughal gardens, measuring just 108 metres by 38 metres, the Chasma Shahi, or ‘Royal Spring’, are well up the hillside, above the Nehru Memorial Park. The fresh water spring in these pleasant, quieter gardens is reputed to have medicinal properties. 
Pari MahalPari Mahal is as much a monument as garden. This was initially a garden built by Dara Shiko for his Sufi teacher, Mulla Shah.
Floating MarketIt’s a maze of intricate waterways and channels, floating islands of vegetation, flowers ,dresses houseboats.
Shankaracharya TempleA beautiful Shiva temple situated on a picturesque location on the Gopadari Hill on the South East of Srinagar.
Must Try Food JointsAhdoo’s ,Lhasa Restaurant,Shamiana and local dhabas 

Try Kashmiri bread is mostly eaten as a snack and is easily available .

House Boat-If visiting for the first time,avoid hotels and make your stay happy in a houseboat.They are exactly like  a house floating on a lake.


Please watch out  in my next post I’ll be covering places around Kashmir.



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