Top Five Series by ZEE5 That One Must Not Miss.

                     Top Five Series by ZEE5 , That One Must Not Miss 

ZEE5 is a video on demand website run by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. It was launched in India on 14 February 2018 with content in 12 languages. The website also has an app, ZEE5 App which is available to download for both Android or IOS users. Zee5 has content in various languages that cater to one’s tastes. Zee5 has some amazing series that one cannot afford to miss out on.

Top five best ZEE5 Original Series

1-Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

Karenjit Kaur is one series that was consistently appreciated and loved by the audience all over the world, the reason being one could easily relate to her struggle, circumstance and the consequences. It is a biographical series that centers around the rise and making of SunnyLeone from her first days as Karenjit Kaur in India. With 2 seasons to watch, Sunny is all set to rule the world of web series.

2- Rangbaaz – Rangbaaz is based on a true story of Shri Prakash Shukla (Shiv Prakash Shukla), who is the wanted criminal/gangster of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The reason this web series is loved so much is that it shows his journey from a DDU student to becoming the second most wanted criminal in India. that too in a way that will get you hooked in no time.Rangbaaz  is a must watch for its wonderful narration and for the gutsy gangster, who is no more but has left a tale that is binge watch worthy.

 3- Kallachirippu – Kallachirippu is a Tamil thriller web series, which revolves around sex, porn, patriarchy, extramarital affairs, homosexuality, abortion, unhappy marriages, love and a lot more.One should definitely watch it for it is superb dialogue delivery, screenplay and the amazing cast and crew who have done proper justice to their respective characters. In one word Kallachirippu, a deceptive smile, not to be missed. Side Note: I just love to see Amrutha Srinivasan on-screen.

4- Whats’up Velakkari –

Whats’up Velakkar is a Tami light-hearted comedy series which revolves around a young couple and their ultra-glamorous maid. The series sheds light on the kind of relationship that people might have with the maid in the sheer future. A little dreamy though but is a must watch for those who had a rough weekend, as it will lighten you up in no time.  With a good cast and a great cinematography work, the series will always hold a special place in my heart. This is one of the best web series that I have had the pleasure to watch on ZEE5.

5- Utsaha Ithihasam –

Utsaha Ithihasam is a ZEE5 Malayalam Original series that is full of youthful comedy which revolves around Kristo Kurishuparambil, a filmmaker, and Nitin Rajendran Ambili, a software engineer, who have been friends since school. This web series was widely appreciated by the international audience. The series captures the bizarre circumstances that a duo is confronted by as they seek a higher plane to seek sweet revenge against the unfair world. You cannot miss -Utsaha Ithihasam as it is recognized as the best comedy drama across the world.

The list is endless as ZEE5 has a rich bouquet of exciting original content lined up across 6 different languages. Though I have compiled a list of Top 5 series that one must definitely watch.

Zee5 also features all the shows from Zee’s TV network and a Live TV option as well that will let you experience live events. You can also live Stream all of your favorite TV Channels that come under the Zee TV Network.

What do you think about Zee5 Top five series listed above? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.







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  2. In this fast-paced life, we all love to spend some quality time watching great movies. And Zee5 has a very good collection of it. I would love to watch Rangbaaz from your suggested list.


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