Top 3 Adventure Shows For Kids On ZEE5

Top 3 Adventure Shows For Kids On ZEE5

Top 3 Adventure Shows For Kids On ZEE5

Lockdown has turned our lives upside down and kids are stuck inside with no outdoor games and activities to do. Kids want excitement every day and if you are confused about what to do, ZEE5 is all set to take your kids on an adventurous roller coaster ride. There are shows like The Jungle Book, Bablu Dablu, Kung Fu Masters of the Zodiac, Chota Bheem, Jackie Chan Fantasia, etc. If your kid likes to watch age-appropriate action shows then you will no longer have trouble finding the right shows.

With ZEE5 you will not have any more trouble finding the adventure and age-appropriate shows for your kids. There is a wide array of shows available on ZEE5 and they also have a different kid’s section for adventure shows. There are several trending shows on the platform for kids and they are a must-watch as these adventure shows are a mix of friendship, fun, superpowers, and teaches moral values while staying at home. I can understand how difficult it is for the kids to stay at home during this lockdown period, but you can keep them busy by finding some good shows for them on ZEE5. 

Here I am listing top  3  adventure shows for kids trending on ZEE5 platform:

1-Kung Fu Masters of the Zodiac: This is an amazing story based on Chinese Zodiac and the story is based on a charming little town named Fortune valley. The series is about a young boy named Polaris who is sent by the star gods to defeat an evil spirit and maintain peace on earth. While Polaris gets trained to become powerful, he has to learn from 12 KungFu masters before facing his enemy. Twelve animals of the Chinese calendar live happily in Fortune valley and this show is an adventurous show that will keep your kids mesmerized. This show teaches great moral lessons to your kids and this show is a must-watch for them. 

2-The Jungle Book: This show is an adaptation from the Disney movie, The Jungle Book and It is a fun show for kids that is very cute and enjoyable. Even though almost all the kids have watched the Disney movie, they will still enjoy watching this show. It is based on the story of a boy named Mowgli, who is lost in the jungle and lives an adventurous life now. Almost all of us have watched the jungle book in our childhood and really love Mowgli. Kids can now watch adventures of Mowgli on the ZEE5 app and have a wonderful ride through the Jungle. 


3-Chota Bheem: This is an adventurous show about the character Bheem and his friends Chutki and Raju. The show revolves around Bheem, who gets superpowers when he eats laddoos and he defeats the enemy easily. The show is full of mischief, masti, and adventure and your kids will love the show as they watch it. If your kids are a fan of action and adventure then this show is a must-watch. Each story has a moral lesson to learn from and will keep the kids hooked to the television.

Image source – ZEE5

ZEE5 Kids Top adventure shows for kids are available easily online and you can choose from a wide variety. There are other shows like Guddu, Bablu Dablu, and Jackie Chan’s Fantasia that will keep your child busy during the lockdown. 

Users can access the entire ZEE5 content library on 5 screens simultaneously. So Subscribe to ZEE5 today and enjoy.



  1. my kids and even myself love all these series and shows. my personal fav is chota bheem and jungle book. you have described it so well. the next is to watch kung fu

  2. These look like amazing shows for kids. I have always been a fan of the Jungle Book. There is something so amazing about it. I have not watched the other two shows though, I will have a look. Even though these are for kids, I still like watching them :D.

  3. During this locakdown, I have seen many series on ZEE5 and also keep a close check on new ones. this seems amazing.. surely going to watch

  4. My son loves CHota bheem and Jungle book. He will surely watching them while having his food. Much better than Doraemon.

  5. It’s not easy to keep kids at home for very long, away from school & their friends. And yes we can keep our kids busy in so many different ways and one of them is finding some good kids shows for them and Zee5 is having range of good kid shows.


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