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Tupperware For Life 

People all over the world have used  Tupperware products for 71 years and Tupperware has changed millions of lives with numerous storage products that keep the food fresh for a longer time. Tupperware products are durable and reusable that reduces pollution and waste. Tupperware products are products for life and you can store food easily as they are easy to clean and use. May 2019 was the 71st birthday month of Tupperware. Tupperware is celebrating & 71 years worldwide and 23 years in India.

Not all plastics are the same

All the Tupperware products are made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and safe materials so they do not release harmful chemicals like other ordinary plastic to the food content. The materials and additives used in manufacturing the containers exceed US Food and Drug Administration and Japan polyolefin Hygienic Association standards. This is why Tupperware products can be used without any stress of toxicities. The bottles and storage containers by Tupperware can be used to store food effectively and can be kept for cooling in the refrigerator. You can cut the use of disposable products and carry your own bottle and containers while travelling. No need to buy disposable water bottles on the go when you can carry your own Tupperware buddy with you. The storage containers manufactured by the company helps in storing perishable food items and the containers are microwave safe, so you can heat the food inside these containers. Tupperware has also designed Fridgesmart containers to store fruits and vegetables in refrigerators so that they stay fresher for a long time.

Benefits of using Tupperware:

  • The containers are leak-proof and versatile to store liquid or solid food at home or for carrying outdoors.
  • Tupperware bottles are ergonomically designed in big and small sizes so that they can easily be held in hands.
  • The caps and lids of the storage containers and bottles are tight and can be opened and closed with great ease.
  • You can cut plastic waste by making use of these containers and bottles and help conserve the environment.
  • The products are easy to clean and stains can be removed easily with baking soda and sponge.
  • These products are made of polycarbonate so they last longer.
  • You can save a lot of space as the containers are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

Tupperware products have been trusted for generations and are designed for everyday use. They are built to last and have passed severe tests. The products are high in quality and food-grade safe which is vital for good health and are designed to be used repeatedly so that unwanted mountains of garbage are reduced. All the storage products by Tupperware are manufactured to reduce wastage and save energy and they are quite versatile so they can be used in refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal use. If any Tupperware product has a defect in material or function then you can visit the consultants for a free replacement.

During the meet and greet celebration of Tupperware 23rd birthday in Tupperware office Gurgaon, chef Ayesha shared few quick and easy recipes while using the Tupperware products. During the recipe making, I used the smart chopper and fusion master and I was literally surprised to see how quickly and efficiently the products worked.

Tupperware products are unlike ordinary plastic products and have won several awards like Industrial Design Excellence Awards, IF Seal Award, etc.

For more information, visit here- https://www.tupperwareindia.com/


  1. Tupperware is such a essential part of a home. When it comes to lunch boxes or kitchen containers “Tupperware” is a renowned name to trust upon.

  2. Tupperware is surely way above standards when it comes to quality. Our family has been using it for years.


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