The Perfect Road Trip

Our world has changed dramatically over the past few years, life had become more complex, more stressful and more demanding- we all needed a change  and so we that is my family ,or should I say ,what’s  left of it decided to take a break from the scorching heat and  distress ourselves -Nainital was our destination.

 In the early hours of the morning we boarded our car and started our long awaited trip..The essence of nature lies in admiration of nature and outdoor recreation its encompasses a wide range of activities such as trekking ,hiking,mountaineering ,bird watching ,boating ,rafting and visiting wildlife sanctuaries and all that was on our list.

A pink hue could be seen in the horizon when we crossed Ghaziabad the twittering of birds,a few early birds going towards their fields ,all set for their hard days work and a Red ball of fire rising in the east it was breath taking.

Our first stop was a small “Dhaba”more famously known as Bhajan , a hot cup of tea was out of the world a short rest and then once again we hit the road we  passed a number of towns like Moradabad, Rampur ,bilaspur,rudarpur  but to cut a long story short we were on the Tanda Road by 11am .The drive through Tanda was just like a page out of a fairy tale, with tall Sal trees on either sides of the roads,providing shade ,peace and calm all around it  is difficult to express an unfettered freedom of expression through these lines.

A short stop at Haldwani for lunch  then from katgodam –the last Railway stop ,our upward journey had begin and before we knew it we were on the winding road upto Nainital with the Himalayan range running along side.The climb up was fascinating ,the cool breeze with a whiph of the Doedar and Pine trees wild flowers growing of the hill side and a thick mist rising from the valley below.Have you ever driven above the clouds? Its a feeling so difficult to express  high mountains on one side of the road and a deep ravine on the other ,with sharp turns one had to be very careful while driving.

I would like to mention just two places on the way to Nainital-Dugoan ,We stopped at a small dhaba known as Srk dhaba ,had the most tasty pakoras we had ever had and the Bhoota’s were out of this world,so soft and juicy. The best way was yet to come as we drove up-to the Nainital bus stop-the wide expense of the blueish green lake which suddenly zoomed up in front of us was just awesome there was just that calm lake as far as  the eyes could see,  the green hills on either sides studded with red roofs –the lake seemed to stretch from one end to the  other to add to its beauty colorful boats ,yatchs and white ducks scattered all over the lake was just breathtaking.

There is so much to write and I could go on and on .A few lines comes to my mind –“The first steps on the road to believing you can achieve your dreams and goals is to realize that no one can do it for you you and you lone are in the pilot’s seat of your life.

We had taken “The Road Not Taken “ and what a road it was -but one should always remember –the journey towards the realization of any great vision takes time,one must make sure the scenery includes vest stops-places to smell flowers and become refreshed naturally and physically.

This was how my  perfect road trip begin and came to a fascinating end .
A road trip i will cherish all my life .



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