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Data Care By Stellar

Have you ever deleted something accidentally from your phone or laptop or lost your precious data due to a virus attack or problem in the hard drive? Many times we lose very significant data like the work files or our precious photos and don’t know how to recover them. It must have happened with almost all of us that the hard disk of the desktop/laptop crashed and all the videos, audio or photos from our phone has been erased. As a blogger, my whole life revolves around my Phone, my laptop, and tablet, as all my content, pictures, videos or creative are stored in them and the thought of losing this data sends shivers to my spine. There is, however, a great solution to your problem which is the Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery Software.

I was recently a part of Stellar Phoenix Windows data software event during which they were celebrating a whopping 25 years of leading data care. It was a great and informative event where I learned a great deal about the use of stellar software. Stellar has collaborated with  Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, Citibank, IBM,  Amazon and so on. Therefore the best part is the recovery software is available for IOS, iPhone, and Mac too.

Chief functions:

  • Data recovery: It is professional software that has a variety of features so that you can pull lost data with ease. Whether they are photos, documents, music, videos or other files, Stellar software helps recover different types of data even after disasters like accidental deletion, drive formatting, virus attack, etc. your entire hard drive is scanned for recoverable files so that you can easily recover them.

  • Data migration: With the Stellar Migration solutions, you can convert MBox, Lotus Notes, and other mailboxes securely into MS Outlook or Office 365. Migrator helps you seamlessly migrate the mailboxes from one server to another and it also exports user mailboxes to PST on the local system.

  • Data erasure: This is advanced file eraser software that can help you erase the files and folders permanently from your devices or storage media without any chance of recovery. It also wipes of installed application traces and internet activity traces.

While trying to recover data from our devices, there are chances it might get corrupted or may be unapproachable; however, with Stellar you can recover files from various memory storages like internal or external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards or DVDs. Stellar provides you data recovery from all types of storages. Stellar specializes in the field of Data Recovery, File repair, Data Erasure, and Data Migration.

Benefits and features of Stellar:

  • They have a huge experience of about 25 years in data care.
  • There are millions of satisfied customers in several countries throughout the world.
  • World’s largest range of solutions for file repair, data recovery, erasure, and migration.
  • Great customer support.
  • Stellar has the ability to handle more than 50,000 service jobs every year.
  • More than 100 R&D engineers.
  • 30 days money back policy if unsatisfied.
  • They have offices in 15 locations throughout India.
  • Data is completely secure with them.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

With Stellar, we get 100% assurance of data recovery and it is the most trusted name in the world for recovery of lost or deleted data, lost videos, audios, and photos and lost data from iPhone. It is a great investment if you often work with irreplaceable data like files, videos, and photos.

With this file recovery software, you will not be at risk of overwriting the missing files during installation and this flexible software offers options so that you can find any type of missing file that has been deleted by mistake. During the scans, Stellar gives you the ability to preview the files so that you can halt the scan and recover the lost photo or video, which can be resumed later.

Organized module for advanced research: In the advanced settings of this software all the files are divided and organized into different categories like documents, media, text, etc. so that it is easier to find the file you have lost. In this digital age, your data needs to be safe and secure and Stellar guards it day and night without fail.


  • Scans can be customized.
  • You can preview all the scans.
  • You can halt and check the files while they are getting scanned.
  • Amazing file retrieval.


  • Cost is comparatively high, but you get great quality.

Final words: My data is very precious to me and when I leave it in hands of Stellar, I can be 100% sure of data recovery, so I highly recommend this software to all the bloggers, business owners, and corporates. It comes with a free trial if you want to try it first; However, Stellar provides you complete assurance that you will never lose a file again.

Recently, it has been AWARDED CIO CHOICE 2013 – 2019 and many more awards are there in their kitty.

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  1. I have also attended this bloggers meet. And indeed, the sessions were eye opener. Thanks for sharing this detailed review.

  2. Wow, you clear all my doubts about stellar. Before your blog, I was aware of this but not sure 100 per. Now I would love to try as I needed this badly

  3. I think Stellar looks like something which is I was looking for.As a blogger ,I need to save a lot of data, so I think I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the review


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