The most sensitive wipes are launched In India by –Mother Sparsh

The most sensitive wipes are launched In India by –Mother Sparsh          #UnscentedWaterWipes #MedicalGradeFabric #SuperThickwaterWipes #SensitiveWipes

 Being a mother, I am very concerned about the health and well-being of my little one as I always want my baby to be safe and sound. The infections, rashes and redness which occur on the skin of my baby are my greatest concern as the products I used earlier contained numerous harsh chemicals and alcohol. I came across newly launched Mother Sparsh Water Wipes recently and they are purest wipes with 99% of water and natural fabric from a plant, which makes it most suitable for newborns. These wipes are quite thick, effective, pure and gentle. Mother Sparsh India has now launched new premium 99% water based baby wipes that are fabricated using super thick medical grade cloth.

I found the New Mother Sparsh wipes ideal for cleaning the delicate skin of my baby as they are a suitable alternative to cotton wool. These unscented baby wipes are apt for the sensitive skin of my little one and are completely fragrance-free, alcohol-free and chemical free. They are unlike other wipes in the market in terms of thickness, as they are manufactured using a cutting-edge technology. A newborn baby’s skin is thin and vulnerable to infections but conventional baby wipes have ingredients that are full of harmful chemicals that can cause infections and skin problems. However, Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are absolutely pure and convenient, with non-greasy feeling and no residue on the skin.

Here are some of the qualities they possess:

  • Newly launched Mother Sparsh sensitive baby wipes have it all: Wipes by Mother Sparsh are Unscented, Super thick, made with medical grade and are perfect for hand and mouth cleansing as they are as good as cotton and water. My baby stays away from allergies, rashes, and redness while providing great cleansing to my bundle of joy.
  • Let’s accept it that they are the best: These newly launched are the best baby wipes for newborns with sensitive skin as these unscented wet wipes are fabricated with 100% biodegradable and natural fabric, which is velvety soft. This plant-based and medical-grade fabric feels soft like cotton and is environment-friendly too. They are great for the newborn babies as they are dermatologically tested. The cloth is medical grade which makes the baby wipes gentle for my baby’s sensitive parts.

  • Sensitive baby wipes with no perfume: I got purest wipes with no chemicals from Mother Sparsh as they are premium and purest baby wipes with 99% water, no fragrance or chemicals and they are certified to be safe for neonates and for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Thicker fabric for better wiping: The fabric used in wipes is three times thicker than the ordinary baby wipes as they are derived from the plant pulp and are completely natural. The thicker fabric provides better cleansing the baby’s sensitive parts.

Moisture locked lid: The packaging of the wipes contains moisture locked lid which retails the moisture of the product after every use. This makes it easier to carry while travelling and prevents entry of dirt and germs. The freshness stays intact along with the moisture and every wipe is as good as the first one.

  • Totally apt for cleaning hands, mouth or body: Mother Sparsh wipes are gentle and chemical free and can be used for cleaning hands, mouth or body of newborns, without any stress. Give your infants and neonates the best gift with the newly launched Mother Sparsh sensitive wipes, which are the most awaited unscented variant of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes.

My opinion about the newly launched  Mother Sparsh wipes is they are sensitive baby wipes  as gentle as a mother’s touch on baby’s sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic so that the skin of my infant stays protected. These alcohol-free and chemical free wipes are eco-friendly and are made from natural materials. I would totally recommend them for enhanced hygiene and the safety of your child.


  1. I ordered these wipes after reading your review. I have used other products in the past but they havent worked as expected. I am hoping that these will. ?

  2. I have personally used these wipes on my child and totally agree with your views. Being Fragrance free is the best feature they have.

  3. The complete review is so useful, I loved reading each and every line of this Blog. Please keep sharing such content, it really helps! These products has to be known by all of us.


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