Super 99 Store – One-stop Destination for Your Daily Requirements on Budget

      Super 99 Store – One-stop Destination for Your Daily Requirements on Budget

Shopping is one of the integral parts of our daily life and you consider it to be a lucky day when you find a store that has everything that you need and that too at prices that don’t make you feel the pinch.

Well, when I walked into a Super 99 store at Omaxe Connaught Place, last Sunday, initially what I felt was doubt. But after the purchase, now, I can state confidently that it is one shopping destination that every meticulous shopper with a limited budget is on the lookout for.

Here you will come across a wide variety of product categories ranging from beauty to kitchen, gift parcels to ready-to-wear, bathroom essentials to food items and so on. And the best part is that you will get products for as less as Rs. 29.

Spread across the country, Super 99 has about 35 stores all over India. To make things easier for the customers, they have also their own website where you can browse through the products so that you can compare the features and prices from the comfort of your home.

Once you have decided what to buy you can locate the nearest store and go there to have the actual look and feel of the product and then purchase it. This way you get exactly what you pay for and there is no chance of any disappointment.

Products Purchased by Me

  • Lunchbox with Protein Shaker –I was looking for a lunchbox for quite some time now. As I usually go to the gym directly after my office I needed something that’s is handy, at the same stores a good amount of edibles and fits snugly in my backpack. This is exactly what I wanted and that too, at the amazing price of Rs. 199/- I just love the look of this set and carry this one wherever I go.

  • Handwash Dispenser – This is a very straightforward product with a simple design. Made of plastic with a metal dispenser top, I bought this one for my wash room that has a classic look and milieu. I got this chic hand wash dispenser at just Rs. 219/- from Super 99. At such a price who wouldn’t buy this one!

  • Herbal Soaps – Among the three things that I bought this is my most favorite one. Presented by the renowned brand Khadi, this one is a set of 12 herbal soaps that offer an astounding fragrance with an incredible quality at just Rs. 249/-. Now that I have started using these soaps, I don’t think I can go back to the other commercial products available in the market, today.

Super 99 has left me with a great first impression and unlike my first visit which was random and experimental, I plan to go back there again for a number of reasons like the plethora of choices that I get there, the superior quality of the products and lastly, the pocket-friendly rates. I highly recommend this store to every buyer who strives to find an economical destination for their day-to-day requirements.




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