Special Breast Cancer Awareness At CK Birla Hospital for Women

Special Breast Cancer Awareness At CK Birla Hospital for Women 

I was a part of CK Birla Hospital for Women blogger meet, that gave us a comprehensive review of breast health facilities at the ‘Breast Centre’ launched by the hospital. Firstly we were given a tour of the entire hospital by Akshat Seth(The Business Head and COO of the C K Birla hospital) which has been devised and maintained according to international standards. It focuses strongly on women’s health and provides high-quality care and attention to all the patients. This hospital is first to introduce water birthing for expecting mothers and till now it is the only hospital in India providing this technique of delivering a baby. This procedure is done by an In-house German specialist, who is well-experienced and trained for water birthing. In water birthing, women experience lesser pains and the baby does not feel shocked after birth as the surface is similar to the mother’s womb and no epidural is given.

The Breast Centre

After the walk through, we were introduced to  Dr. Mandeep S Malhotra, a consultant at the Breast Centre. The new breast Centre provides a range of health services like the prevention & genomics, Breast surgeries, breast reconstruction, and conservation, screening through breast exams, ultrasound and mammogram, chemotherapy and post-treatment support. The hospital has collaborated with National Association for Blind Women to offer a unique technique of breast screening that helps the blind women detect any abnormalities in breasts leading to cancer, using their highly developed sense of touch.

NAB India has also collaborated with Discovering hands Germany and the entire initiative is supported by the Bayer Group from India. It is the only hospital in the region to give this unique service. The Centre focuses on safety, high-quality care, and cleanliness and uses top-notch technology and facilities that have been set up by several international consultants. You will have international experience in the hospital with remarkable facilities and latest technology.

Why should women be aware?

Breast Cancer is cancer that is affecting the Indian women at a high level and it is affecting the urban women more which is fatal in most of the cases due to late diagnosis. However, if detected at the right time, it can save lives. This is why we all should be aware of it and must do a self-examination. The breast Centre situated within C K Birla Hospital provides a comprehensive range of services with numerous experts and specialists in the field. The clinical staff is dedicated and compassionate and the facility is manufactured using advanced technology so that the patients get the best possible experience.

The method of screening:

  • Self-Breast Examination: This should be conducted every month after 20 years of age, according to the menstrual cycle.
  • Medically Trained examination
  • 20-25 years: every year
  • 25-70 years: Every six months
  • Above 70 years: yearly
  • Screening Sonomammography:
  • 20-45 years: every 2 years
  • 45-55 years: every year
  • 55-70 years: every 2 years

Demonstration of breast examination by Sakshi Dalmia:

We also got a live demonstration of self-breast examination from Sakshi Dalmia, who is an Intern at the oncology department in Medanta Hospital. She has been trained by the Discovering hands from Germany for the Tactile method of examination and specializes in performing the breast cancer examination. We were given a practical demonstration performed on a dummy by Sakshi and Meenakshi.

The whole idea of breast examination by trained people like Sakshi or Meenakshi is that they have a better touch sense than any normal person, they can detect any lump or swelling in the breast.Sakshi explained that while examining the breasts they check the temperature of the breasts and check for redness, rashes or the skin of the breasts is like orange peel. Then they make the patient lie down on the bed apply the docose tapes which mean documentation and orientation system. In these tapes, each box is one cm. wide and every alternate box is embossed with brail dots. With these tapes, breasts are divided into four zones. These tapes then pinpoint the real place of a lump or any kind of abnormality in the breasts. After that, they do the calculation with the middle and index finger of both hands. Then the examiner starts examining starting from the collar bones by going in circles around the breasts and then they check for lumps on the sides of breasts. With the help of tapes, the blind examiners apply different pressures along with the tapes and feel for any lumps or abnormalities. Pressure on the breasts varies according to the numbers while examination.

Other services provided by the hospital:

The surgery services by CK Birla hospital include laparoscopy, anorectal, laser, gastrointestinal, bariatric, gynecological surgeries, orthopedic, plastic and reconstructive and oncological surgeries. The surgeons, anesthetics, intensivists and the nurses make use of the latest equipment available in the hospital and creative ways are carried out to make sure that there are high accuracy, safety, and faster recovery. It is the only hospital in Gurgaon offering Medical Tactile examination of the breast that uses the enhanced touch of trained visually impaired to detect Breast cancer at an early stage. Besides this, the hospital also specializes in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Neonatology, pediatrics, Fetal Medicine, fertility, pain management, advanced surgical science, Orthopedics, and several other treatments.

Final words: In case your near or dear ones are at risk of having breast cancer then this is the best Hospital that I would recommend as the experts and specialists are quite knowledgeable and can diagnose and treat the breast cancer in the best possible way.

As quoted by Dr Mandeep-When a woman is examined by a machine for breast cancer, it is quite superficial as it does only what has been programmed to do, so it may be right or wrong. However, human hands and touch have compassion and feeling so they can perform the examination in a better way.

Ck Birla hospital is a comprehensive risk center, their aim is to –Prevent cancer, Detect it, Hit it hard and finish it and finally make it possible for the unprivileged people with various subsidies.

For more information, please visit – https://www.ckbhospitalforwomen.com/


  1. What a lovely initiative.
    Unfortunately the women of our country have very little knowledge about their sexual health and it’s so important to have more of these talks organised

  2. Breast Cancer is indeed a scourge affecting so many women in India. Early detection is so important. It is heartening to see the state of the art facilities and well-trained professionals at the CK Birla hospital.

  3. Water birth facility available in this hospital? Wow. I think that’s really unique. Great that the hospital is doing incredible work in creating awareness about breast cancer.

  4. Thanks for spreading the awareness about breast cancer. CK Birla is a reputed institution and kudos to their effort for arranging a Women Bloggers’ Meet for awareness in this area.

  5. Breast cancer is becoming very common these days..only by making people aware of the symptoms we can ensure early detection and cure it..good job by CK Birla hospital


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