Signs one must note in a relationship

                                 Common signs that help us to detect our partners loyalty

Cheating or betrayal has become so very common these days,that there is hardly any loyal people left.Loyalty only looks good in books these days.Our generation is does not understand the meaning of trust,loyalty & love.blogThere are tons of examples of cheating from celebrities to your next door neighbour ,nobody is as loyal ,as they look.There are N number of reasons ,why some people stick to their cheating partners,but now days Divorce has become so common ,because people are aware of their rights and they decide to end their marriage /relationship for a meaningful future.

Common signs of a cheater aretop101-They will never share their PASSWORD with you,everything will be password protected be it their cell phone,email,phone bill and bank statements.

2-No physical intimacy of any kind.f762a8fcdf551543d557af32cf656bf93-Spending most of the time out of the house.

4-Hiding their personal details like-travelling,clubbing ,enjoying without you,in short when you have no idea where the person is half of the time.

5-No communication,no common interest left to discuss.

6-Less WE time and more ME time.hqdefault7-If your partner is UNAVAILABLE most of the time,when you need them.

8-Finding SUSPICIOUS items like-hotel bills,doctor visit,path-lab reports,entry cards etc.

9-Your gut instinct says it.9327e-cheaterscheaters10-You are not included in any decision-making be it personal or financial.

The above listed pointers are very common signs one can find .Always use your gut instinct,they never lie,trust what you see and not what others tell you .A broken relationship can’t be fruitful ,if both the persons are not ready to give their 100%.

Always remember once a cheater ,is always a cheater ,in very rare cases it’s vise versa.d2a2f37a9ccc074254e9331a5ba6126cImage-google



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