Review-Sebamed Baby Powder

Sebamed Baby Powder

Claims-Sebamed baby powder has been especially formulated to consolidate the resistance of baby’s skin. Thanks to Baby Powder extra soft formulation, a soothing reduced friction layer protects your baby from the effects of rubbing and chafing. Extra soft formula with allantoin to help reduce skin irritation and keeps your baby’s delicate skin healthy and soft.img_20161203_153620_hdrKey Features:
Made In Germany
Reduces the effects of rubbing and chafing
Extra soft formula with Allantoin to help protect against irritation
Helps to keep baby’s delicate skin healthy and soft.

Type-Talc/Talcum powder
Made In-Germany
Net wt-200g
Shelf Life-3years

Ingredients:-Talc,Zinc Oxide, Olea Europaea, Fruit Oil, Allantoin, Parfum.img_20161203_153645_hdrDirection For Use: Shake into hands,away from the face,apply onto skin.Close tightly.

PackingThe packing is not very attractive,its bulky.

My Take On The Product-I have used this brand for almost a year and I’m truly satisfied and trust this brand to the core,If you too are a new mommie ,then trust me Sebamed is the answer for all your toddlers need.Choosing the right product is very important and taking a quick glance at the ingredients is very important ,to make sure the product is 100% what we are looking for.img_20161203_153634_hdrLast year Johnson & Johnson was in News as the talcum powder had cancer causing ingredients and many moms discontinued the brand.So choosing the right talcum is a must.

Sebamed talc is light on skin,does not cause irritation ,with mild fragrance that does not irritate the baby.Does not decompose .Always keep in mind choosing the right ingredients and the best talc for your baby.

Is clinically tested and proved to be ideal for all skin types.
Soft and does not deposit.
Helps to prevent friction & Prevents nappy rash.
Protects baby’s skin from dryness .
Allantoin reduces irritation.


Final Verdit-Choose your babies talc wisely ,checking the ingredient list is a must .Simply go for Sebamed,without any doubt.




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