Review-Moha Nail Care Cream

                             Moha Nail Care Cream

We invest so much in cosmetic and other drugs ,to keep our skin healthy & to look good always,but nobody really cares about nail  & toe finger’s ,how they look or so. Recently I came across one such cream ,which helps in keeping our nails shiny ,healthy and free from unnecessary breakage ,softening the cuticles and much more.Do read the review to find the details and how we can benefit from it.

Product Details-Moha Nail Care Cream contains almond and flaxseed oil. Almond oil softens cuticles and keeps the nails moist. Flaxseed oil improves healthy nail growth as it includes omega-3 fatty acids to help with the body’s ability to manage growing nail cells. The cream is used to keep the skin healthy by softening the cuticles. This in turn keeps them from becoming overly brittle, preventing unnecessary and painful breakage.Directions of use:Moha Nail Care Cream is to be applied on the nails and nail bases after they are cleaned off.
It should be massaged into the nails to allow the easy absorption of the creams components.

Brand- Charak Moha
Type-Nail Cream
Price: Rs.148.00
Skin Type-All Skin Types
Shelf life-3years
Packing-It comes in a plastic tube ,with a flip-flop cap.The packing is very cute & attention seeker with product details mentioned .It’s a travel friendly pack.
My Take On The Product-The texture of the cream is thick,its off white in color ,has a mild herbal fragrance ,which lasts for sometime,the fragrances might  irritate some.The cream gets absorbs quickly,helps in soften cuticles.When  applied daily,it gives a natural shine to the nail,helps to strengthen the nail,and eventually they grow healthy free from unnecessary breakage.One tube lasts for 5-6 months.

Easily available.
Contains almond and flaxseed oil.
It helps in softening the cuticles.
Natural ingredients.

Contains paraben.
Final Verdit-Its a budget friendly product ,with natural ingredients ,which helps the nail to strengthen and gives a natural shine.Its a hit product for your nail care.



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