Review – Everteen Daily Panty Liners

Everteen Daily Panty Liners Review:

Product: Everteen Daily Panty Liners

Price: Rs.199

Quantity: 36 pads

Panty liners are of great use to all the women out there as they help you during uncomfortable discharges, freedom from panty stains during light mensuration. These pads are very comfortable and easy to use and you can go carefree when you use them. Everteen has launched daily panty liners that have several superb qualities as compared to other panty liners in the market. These panty liners are fabricated out of 100% natural cotton surface and are antibacterial with a negative ion chip. These pads are ultrathin and absorb extra fluid for extra freshness. The layers of the pads are breathable so that moisture stays away.

Features of Everteen Panty Liners:

  • They have 100% natural cotton surface for an instant dry and soft feel
  • They are ultrathin and have extra absorbing power for everyday freshness
  • The pads have antibacterial negative ion chips that prevent the multiplication of bacteria and eliminates odor.
  • There are breathable layers that help keep the sweat and moisture at bay and the adhesive used is food grade that keeps the liner in place.

Directions of use: Peel off the back strip and stick to underwear like normal pads. These pads are ultra slim.

My experience:

Panty liners are a great way to keep your panties clean and stain free before or after periods when the discharge is less. Since they are quite slim and handy, you can line your panties easily and yet feel comfortable. Everteen daily panty liners are quite effective and absorb all types of light discharge easily. You will feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Those women who are facing discharges from the vagina or urinary incontinence can easily use these panty liners as they are super absorbent and extremely comfortable. With these liners, you will not face any issues like irritation, infection or rashes. These panty liners are easy to carry as they are small.  Everteen daily panty liners are available in excellent quality and are unscented. You can stay fresh and calm even after long hours.

Panty liners are a thinner version of pads and they can absorb all types of discharge between periods and can be used on a daily basis to keep the panties dry and clean. Your intimate area stays fresh and infection free with the anti-bacterial anion strip that prevents infections and odors. These panty liners are unscented and are perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Everteen panty liners are budget-friendly, lightweight and extra soft which is why they are a must have in every lady’s bag.


  • They are extra soft
  • They are antibacterial
  • They are reasonably priced
  • Ultra slim
  • Stylish packing.



Final Verdict:

Everteen Panty liners are an amazing product for those who suffer from frequent discharge or those who have an unpredictable menstrual cycle. They are easy to carry in your pocket and are soft and ultra slim. Your nether area stays clean and fresh with no odor or bacteria, so you will get the best hygiene at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this product so that you stay away from all types of panty stains and infections caused due to vaginal discharges.

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  1. My mommy uses panty liners and finds them really very comfortable..would tell her to try these ones..

  2. I buy my panty liners in bulk when I am abroad. Good to know about Everteen, so now I can buy them here!


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