Random Post : Women’s Day Special-The Reason Is Us

Hi All,
 International Women’s Day was just round the corner,and so was everyone celebrating.Has the Society really changed or the perception  towards Women has changed??? 

In reality ,nothing much has changed we are still struggling ,still fighting and many a times we give up due to our circumstances and our so called Society.

The foremost  reason why we women are still dominated humiliated and  treated as a show piece is We ourselves.
I know I might be sounding stupid to some but the reason won’t change. We females have the ability to  make it and break it,so it entirely depends on us and our upbringing.  Upbringing a child should not be gender biased. A child learns whatever they see at home  .Learn to cultivate good view’s & thought’s so that they can carry forward the same .Give respect  be gentle respect all  etc.
My point is why don’t we cultivate the same upbringing on both the genders ,why boys are treated differently then girls it’s all our fault we our self start differentiating since the birth.That’s why we are still behind & treated as what we are today.
Many a times we are forced to suffer because of Our culture our rituals are so pathetic at times that we are still considered as untouchable  or we are forced to believe so  .I have seen in many families- if a female is down(monthly cycle) she is treated as an untouchable ,she is not allowed to enter the kitchen stay at her room and what not

There are many rituals that people follow blindly ,but for what ,why are all ritual just for US,Men should be equally  treated but No.

I know everyone is aware or must have experienced  at some point still we or our partners don’t raise voice against it-To name a few –
Funny ritual  after giving birth to a baby you are not allowed to enter common room ,coz you are down and the priest  has not sanitized you & you are forced to drink Cows urine to become PURE …
Females opinion is nothing.
Females are not involved in any  financial issue of the house  or business for what???
Females are made to eat after the Men are done with their meals .What are dinning tables  & meals are meant for ???

What will society say ,what are you wearing and what not come out from these stupid thoughts.

We just suffer and end our live for what …we need to change the way we think,be positive and be independent .

Learn to say NO to Physical ,Mental ,Emotional and Sexual Abuse.

In which world are we living I still wonder where gender equality is a still a question .We don’t educate our boys then we crib ,we don’t allow our daughter’s to be equal .

The fault is in our upbringing ,in our education & in our thoughts .

We first need to change our view point  our mental block then only can we expect others to respect and consider our self equal.

Education is key to turn our society into a  better place.

Stay happy be a women.




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