Random Post-The Word Is Trust

                                          The Word Is TRUST,but Lust takes it all
TRUST – I have seen many relationships struggling to be one ,and once they become one ,love disappears .Feelings change’s ,meaning of love change ‘s,everything changes .
One my my friend is going through a rough time of understanding and coping with  her life  of  her   So called loyal love of her life ,my question is does love change or Lust is more powerful than Love .
I know everyone is not the same ,but 95 % are same,why do we like to get hurt or maybe its the destiny that one fine day you realize that Lust  is the key of life.
And the best part is if you complain ,you don’t understand a person,even in today’s time  I have seen people complaining about their trust part broken or partner cheating on them and what does the so called society or relatives have to say-
See he is a male ,he meets N number of  people ,he is smart and good looking ,at the end of the day ,he’s tied up to you .so what are you worried for.We have explained ,what his duties are .
What shit is all this??
Why do we all cheat at the very first place,I still dont know the answer ,but I guess ,its very common today .
I seriously have no words for such type of people but feel disgusted.
Please share your views  on the same.


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