Product Review: NEUD Carrot Seed Products

                    Nourish your skin and hair with NEUD Carrot Seed Products

There is so much pollution all around that it is next to impossible to take care of your hair and skin that faces so much every day. Due to pollution, your skin gets hampered and starts aging before time. However, nowadays most women are working and have busy schedules, which makes it difficult to take care of by using natural products.

Using natural things from the kitchen and applying them is a tedious task that is time-consuming. There is a need for products that contain natural minerals and vitamins that are essential for your skin and hair and can easily be used daily. NEUD line of products is one such range that is made with natural and pure ingredients and can be used regularly to get desired results. NEUD has launched a Carrot Seed Premium range of products that contains numerous essential minerals and vitamins with the goodness of carrot seeds. 

Here are four new products that I have tried recently:

  • NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Face wash: Every woman needs healthy-looking and cleaner skin and using NEUD Carrot seed face wash, you can get healthier and glowing skin. Skin faces a lot of pollution and sweating every day and becomes dull with time due to toxins in the air. NEUD carrot seed face wash is a blend of carrot seeds and other minerals that clear your face in the most natural manner. Pores of the skin open up and allow the oxygen inside so that skin can breathe and the generation of new skin cells takes place. It helps delay aging and prevents wrinkles. Using this face wash, your skin will be radiant and you will feel pampered.  

  • NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hair Conditioner: To get luscious locks that are healthy and silky, only shampooing them is not enough. We need to take extra care of our hair by using hair conditioners that make our hair look shiny, bouncy, and healthy. NEUD Carrot seed hair conditioner provides nourishment to the scalp and helps in providing steady growth to your hair. It also improves the circulation of blood to your scalp which is great for your body. This hair conditioner is free of harmful chemicals and carrot seeds present in the product make it perfect for nice and healthy hair. 

  • NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hydrating lotion: if you are looking forward to making your skin look healthy and hydrated. If you have dry skin, then you will face irritation and itching that may lead to early wrinkles. The skin faces pollution and UV rays every day and there is a need for natural products to repair the skin. NEUD hydrating lotion locks up the moisture of your skin for several hours and nourishes it with natural ingredients. This lotion penetrates and nourishes the skin pores too to keep the skin healthy. Using this hydrating lotion, your skin will be soft, hydrated, and supple. This lotion not only takes care of your skin but repairs the skin cells to prevent damage and delay aging.

  • NEUD Carrot Seed Premium shampoo: Carrot Seed Premium shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and has natural extracts of carrot seeds. This shampoo strengthens the hair and makes it voluminous and long. There are no harmful chemicals present in this shampoo and there are necessary vitamins from carrot seeds. This product is suitable for all hair types and your hair will feel revitalized and fresh with every wash. This shampoo reduces split ends and hair fall while making your hair manageable. 

Final words: NEUD products are clinically tested by dermatologists and skin specialists as these products have the natural goodness of carrot seeds that not only enhance skin health but repair damaged skin. Carrot seeds when used in hair products deeply condition the scalp and reduces itchiness caused by fungus and dandruff.

This natural element is highly beneficial for skin and hair and these products come with no side effects. Using these products regularly can improve your hair and skin and free them from all the toxins. Your skin will look radiant and your hair will be voluminous that can make you feel happy and self-confident. 

These products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa.


  1. I have been hearing a lot about these products from Neud. And I am so eager to try, all the more cause the first time I have come across a range that has carrots in it. Seems quite healthy option

  2. I’ve been hearing raving reviews about this brand and it’s products. The carrot seed range of products look really good even in packaging and use. I will check them out and order for self.

  3. I love the packaging of these products. the colour orange is so striking. I am sure the products are fab too.

  4. I have never tried or used these products but seems they are really great for hair care. Thanks for sharing this, will give it a try!!

  5. Carrot is one of the main ingredients in any skincare products. I have never used it but have seen many masks. But I didn’t know that it can be used for hair too.


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