Plantinum Day Of Love

I am a dreamer and very often even now when I am alone I drift into a world of my own where some times I am alone and being chased by villains and sometimes wild animals and then my prince charming comes along and saves me ,a slight noise and I come back to earth,but that feeling of love ,protection and care which makes my heart beat faster stays for a long time.I am an animal lover and have many pets.
One day a stray dog chased my little kitten up a tree and I just could not get her to come down,just then a boy climbed up the tree and even though he was badly scratched by my kitty he managed to get her down. That was my first meeting with him and that was nine years back !
Our friendship became stronger day by day and even though we faced many problems our love for each other only grew stronger ,the main problem from our parents was that we belong to different religions,but that has never made a difference to us even today when I meet him or even talk to him over the phone that same feeling of love and the flattering of my heart comes back ,I feel so wanted and protected when we are together.

Very soon we are going to tie the knot and then we will never have to part from each other again.

That will be my plantinum day of love when all my dreams will come true and I hope like platinum  our love will grow stronger day by day and the shine of our love will grow brighter .Meeting him was my Plantinum  Day of love which has grown stronger over the years and that is why I feel Plantinum is best suited to celebrate the day ,I found my everlasting love. 

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ps-This is my contest entry for the Indi Blogger contest -Plantinum Day of love



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