Ode To The Woman Of Today

A small 5 letter word ,but a word which inspires each and every mind,a word which has fetched a lot of pride-world wide – a word which has unfastened love & affection,whose gentle words of wisdom help many to choose which way yo go.Full of spirit, who has created her own  image &  believes it is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness.This is just a little peep at the WOMEN of today.
No matter which field she steps into-her devotion & dedication inspires everyone. Today’s woman is successful -success comes with qualification ,qualities & merits(some inborn,some acquired) . A woman is spiritual,sincere has patience ,a constructive attitude ,besides having an adequate intelligence-she is a good planner ,with foresight & forethought.
Today’s woman has a vision & the ability to see the invisible -the ability to see beyond the obvious – a woman is not only problem solving but pre-empting  & preventing problems.
It has so truly been said- God could not be everywhere & so he created Mothers (WOMEN)
We are the woman of today strong,beautiful,proud ,graceful no less than any MAN , so speak for your right,fight for the wrong and stand for yourself.
We have to be Head strong ,accept the challenges   and let nobody ruin our dreams or moral at any point.
Respect Woman .



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