Love Of My Life

Today i’m gonna introduce you  to the love of my life-She came in my life a year ago and since then she has changed my world upside down .She is  one piece , likes to be the center of attraction .
So no more delay  in disclosing -The love of my life is- Koochi .She is my 1 year  6 months old beautiful  kitty cat.
Why i call her love of my life because our lives  revolve around each other ,we both are incomplete without one another,i know i might me sounding insane to many of you but that’s ok.

Let me tell you how she came in  my life.A stray cat used to come to my house often  for food.Once while cleaning my roof top ,i saw her  with  3 little  cute kittens, for 25 days approx she stayed in my place i used to feed her .One fine day i saw the cat had gone with  her 2 kittens and left the ugliest kitten,I though she was shifting them to a safer place and will take the last one too,two days passed the little kitty used to cry and finally her mom ditched her  & i adopted her,& that’s how Koochi  came into my life.

Koochi as a kid was very cute ,innocent & loving.She followed  me everywhere-means everywhere from-park,washroom,from one room to another.
Slowly & steadily she started growing up -she loves playing  clawing & biting me.
She is a trained girl,loves eating,  goes for long drives ,at a stretch she can travel  up-to 8 hours has a leash and goes out for a stroll in her  leash.

She does not like anyone disturbing her privacy or sharing her room.I consider her a part of me,as i have adopted her when she could hardly see & walk.
She can not adjust with anyone this is what i hate about her ,i can not concentrate on my work when she is not around ,i simply love her .

Now i can understand what  actually goes inside a mother,her love & concern for her child.
And about my love Only a person will understand who loves pets with no boundaries.



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