Keep Your Baby’s Skin Well Moisturized And Healthy With Sebamed Facial Cream

Keep Your Baby’s Skin Well Moisturized And Healthy With Sebamed Facial Cream

German brand Sebamed is well-known for the skin care products that are developed by dermatologists. The company has over 50 years of experience in the field and these products are used in more than 85 countries throughout the world. The most prominent feature of Sebamed products is that they can be used by people with sensitive skin as the products have a pH value of 5.5 which is the pH level of normal healthy skin. All these products are manufactured in Germany and marketed in India by USV Limited.Babies have a sensitive and delicate skin which can become chaffed or scaly due to dryness caused by weather, pollution or harsh chemicals. This is why it is important to keep it hydrated by moisturizing it by choosing excellent quality products that are the best for baby’s skin. Earlier parents only relied on oil massage for the babies to keep their skin supple and healthy, but now dermatologists suggest many baby care products that can keep your baby’s skin safe and secure. When the babies start to crawl and move around, their elbows, knees and facial skin get damaged while crawling, this is why more baby products are required to keep the baby’s skin safe. Sebamed provides a complete baby care range like baby lotions, moisturizer, cream, baby wash, etc. and I am quite impressed with the quality of the products.

What is the pH value?

pH value of any product indicates the acidic and alkaline nature of a product and while pH 0 indicates acidic, pH 14 indicates alkaline. Sebamed products have a pH value of 5.5, which is just the right pH level for normal and healthy skin. When the babies are born, their skin has a pH level of 7 and within three months this value changes to 5.5. Products that have pH level other than 5.5 can damage the baby’s skin so if you want to sustain the pH level, then I would suggest the use of Sebamed products as they are crafted to keep the pH level balanced and sustainable.

My experience with Sebamed:

Recently I came across Sebamed Baby protective facial cream which I’m using on my boy.  It is an amazing product that acts like a barrier against toxins in the atmosphere and prevents dryness of the skin. This protective cream is made with squalene and hyaluronic acid so that the acid mantle of the skin increases and dryness decreases. Sebamed facial cream is light textured cream and is not at all greasy on the skin. This cream is free from Paraffin, Dioxan, Parabens, and Formaldehyde so that no harsh chemicals penetrate your baby’s sensitive skin and it remains supple and protected. If your baby faces irritation due to salivary rash then this cream has Panthenol, Vitamin E, and lipid compounds that offer utmost protection.

Benefits of Sebamed Baby protective facial cream:

  • Complete hydration with no dryness
  • No irritation around the mouth caused by saliva
  • Baby will be safe from harmful environment effects
  • Easy to apply with no greasiness
  • Irritated skin is smoothened and regenerated
  • Can be used since day one.

Why I recommend this product:

The natural lipids and pH level of 5.5 protect the skin and repair the damaged skin. Due to these features, my baby’s sensitive skin became soft and healthy. The cream is free of irritants and other chemicals like Paraffin, Parabens, Propylene glycol,Silion oil, and Nitro musk. This cream is easy to use and apply and it gets easily absorbed in the skin. The product is dermatologically tested and is helpful in moisturizing the baby skin. I recommend and love the product on my boy’s skin.



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