Kaali S2-premiering on ZEE5


                                                       Kaali S2-premiering on ZEE5

 Mother’s love for her children is the purest and unconditional love in the entire world and she can push herself to any extent for her child. There are many masterpieces made in the film and television industry based on a mother’s love. Kaali S1 and S2 ZEE5 original web series that portrays the bold and dramatic side of a mother. This is the first original Bengali web series on the platform that was launched in 2018 and was an instant success. The web series stars Paoli Dam, Shantilal Mukherjee, and Rahul. Directed by Korok Murmu and produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, this is a nail-biting crime thriller that is packed with action, drama, and loads of tension.

Season 1-Storyline

 The storyline of Kaali S1 was fast-paced and had lots of twists and turns that kept the audience engaged until the end. It was a story of a mother who could go to any extent to save her son’s life, even if she is helpless. The story is about Kaali a masseuse for the door to door clients and her life is thrown into a mess when her son meets an accident and needs to be operated, while her husband Tanmay is put behind the bars for murder. While she looks for ways to arrange money for her son’s operation, but she discovers that the only way to arrange money is by selling the drugs her husband has hidden in the house. This 8-episode thriller has enthralled the viewers with an exciting plot and numerous twists and turns. The overwhelming success of the series called for a Season 2, so ZEE5 has announced another season, which is simply called Kaali 2.

Star Cast:

 The cast of Kaali 2 is bigger and better with several popular actors added. The main roles will be played again by Paoli Dam and Rahul Banerjee and other actors will be Abhishek Banerjee, Vidya Malvade, and Chandan Roy Sanyal. This new series is directed by Aritra Sen and the trailer of the second season of Kaali was released on 7th May 2020 on Youtube. This action-thriller web series features Paoli Dam in the role of an anxious and fierce mother who will do anything to save her son. The trailer looks quite promising and it portrays that women are untamable and unstoppable when they have to fight for someone they love.

Paoli Dam, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Abhishek Banerjee, Vidya Malvade, Rahul Arunoday Banerjee, and Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

Plot and trailer review:

 The trailer of the upcoming season shows Paoli Dam as a single mother who is running erratically as her disabled son has been abducted by human traffickers. This trailer features Kaali S2 on the run to save her child from murder. She is under great anxiety and exasperation and is haunted by the demons of her past from season 1.

During the conquest to save her son, she finds herself in the middle of criminal gangs and drug cartel war, whom she tries to save from police. Kaali discovers herself as a bold, invincible, and formidable woman who would go the extra mile for her loved ones. We can see her transformation from a weak mother to a woman full of unmatchable strength and courage. While finding her destiny, she has to go through innocent deaths, drug lords, gang wars, mutilation, and betrayals.

Kaali Season 2 has a powerhouse woman in the lead role and the series is like a celebration of a woman’s power, femininity, and bravery. It is an action-packed thriller with emotion and drama along with hope and courage. While season1 was a Bengali show dubbed in Hindi, but this time makers have created Season 2 in Hindi also.

Kaali S2 will be quite refreshing and enthralling for your boring life, so look for the web series that will premiere on ZEE5 on 29th May 2020.


  1. The story of Kaali seems intriguing to say the least! I can’t wait to see the story of a mother who could go to any extent to save her son’s life even if she is helpless. Great review, as always!

  2. Lately i have started watching thiese series k9nd of shows and I thoroughly enjoy. This one seems to be good. Definitely going to watch

  3. Such great shows on Zee these days. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the channel here in Australia, but Kaali does seem like an awesome show.


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