I Saw, I Learnt

My grandfather was a man of strong values and many qualities-Punctuality ,discipline,civic sense and respect for all big and small are some qualities i try to follow today myself.
There are many incidents which i could write down but i would like to mention one small incident which took place 20 years ago.My grandfather believed that “work is worship” ,he used to be in his office on the stroke of 8 am . The others working with him used to say they need to set their watches by his coming and going .    My aunt was to get married and the boys side were to come to meet the family.They said they would be at our place at 12 noon sharp.That day my grandfather came home at 12 and extended his break to 1.30 pm(something he had never done before).My grandfather waited and waited but they didn’t turn up-at 1.30 my grandfather got up to leave and as he walked up the driveway-the other party was walking down.My grandfather apologized saying-he could not wait any longer,he had been waiting since 12.My grandmother would see to things at home.They (the boy’s family)were quite shocked -they felt such important people were being neglected,but according to my grandfather “duty comes first “.
One must learn to be punctual and disciplined ,whether its home or  one’s work place according to him values are our roots and success our wings.I wish i could inherit half his qualities.I try to follow his footsteps and learn from what he tried to inculcate in me.He always said “Our “way’s is not soft grass,it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks ,but it goes upwards,forward towards the sun.
And i believe i will make him proud one day.

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