How Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil became India’s number 1 selling Onion Oil

                  How Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil became India’s number 1 selling Onion Oil

Lakhs of people swear by the top-selling brand in India and the positivity it has spread all around

It is not a very long time back when the owners of the POSITIVE franchise joined Research, Innovation and Result to come up with the best products one can ever own. With the simple motto of staying and being positive, they came up with the Root Therapy Range which catered to people having damaged hair and/or hair fall problems.

One of the products in the Root Therapy Range namely, the Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil has made a position of its own in the market. To talk about the said Onion Oil, it has the goodness of red onions along with 18 essentials oils and 37 herbs. Sulphur, amino acids, Omega9 and fatty acids are other contents of the oil which is believed to boost hair volume and give anyone a lustrous and voluminous mane.

Initially, it might be tough for anyone to trust a whole new brand and all the claims made by them. Especially if the brand makes such huge claims like getting rid of all hair-related issues and repair your damaged tresses to give you a voluminous, shiny and healthy-looking hair. POSITIVE removed all the doubts that were there my delivering all the claims through its miracle product, the Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth. It not only promises to take care of damaged hair and repair them, but it is a unisex hair oil which also serves for all the age groups and is ideal for all the hair types. Sounds impossible, as you might say, but with the positive results that people get after using this oil, it has become India’s number 1 selling Onion Oil.

Needless to say, the oil works and the wonders it does are amazing. Let’s get into the details of the ingredients of the product to unravel the mystery of what makes it so good. The product does not hide any of its contents, so we know the essential oils present in it are Onion oil, argan oil, Castor oil, turmeric oil, calendula oil, sesame oil, noni oil, Seabuckthorn oil, coconut oil, sandalwood oil, almond oil, ginseng oil, ginger oil, bhringraj oil, olive oil, green apple oil, mango oil and citrus oil. And along with that, the herbs that are present in it include emblica, Brahmi, dalchini, Curcumin, shikakai, Garcinia Cambogia, manjishtha, nimboli, neem and many more. All of these ayurvedic and modern ingredients were combined in perfect proportions to make this wonder hair oil, which many people swear by.


As mentioned before the product in question was made for both men and women, therefore it is an efficient product in any household as it can be used throughout the year as well. All of the benefits provided by this oil make it a universal product. Although for this product to work completely, it needs to be used regularly and properly. The purpose of this oil is to penetrate deep into the roots of the scalp to remove all dirt and dandruff present there and to strengthen your hair from the roots till the tip.

Pollution, heat from the environment and styling is one of the reasons why our hair becomes damaged and dull. Many people experience hair damage to the extent where there is no point of return. For them, Onion Oil is the perfect product to regain their confidence back and be positive about their mane and appearance again. Often not taking care of colour-treated or pollution-affected hair leads to dry, dull and frizzy hair. Onion Oil not only repairs all the damage that has been made to the tresses in the past but also protects hair from any further damage by building a protective shield or barrier against pollution and other harmful substances. Tangled tresses as a result of changing the weather is a common problem. This problem is also covered by the Onion Oil which makes it a miracle product, to say the least.

A lot has been said about the ingredients and the issues which the oil covers. No wonder it is India’s Number 1 selling Onion Oil as it deserves every bit of the fame and accolades it is receiving. All the research and innovation that went into making this amazing product has stood out not only in the labs but in the market as well. We see so many people singing praises and swearing by this product. And if word of mouth is not enough for you, you can get it and try it yourself to get amazed by the results and join our community to be a part of the POSITIVE team. We believe that the result is all that matters and therefore positive results are what we aim for at the end of the day.




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