Himalaya Review- My Baby & Me Meet

Himalaya review- My Baby & Me Meet

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Last month I was a part of ‘My Baby and Me’ blogger meet held at The Lalit, Delhi organized by Himalaya. The meet was specially organized for mommy bloggers. The agenda for the meet was to spread awareness about their latest launches for mommies and babies. The meet was very informative and ended on a great note.

Himalaya launched three amazing products for for moms and pregnant women recently.We have witnessed many high-quality products from the Himalaya in the past and will look send to more astounding stuff in the future. During pregnancy and post-pregnancy, women need to take special care of themselves and these three products were very apt. Read on to know more.Himalaya for Mom Soothing Body Butter Lavender – It is a daily cream that moisturizes and nourishes the skin for moms making it radiant and supple. It keeps moms away from the dry and irritated skin. I recently purchased the Body butter jar from Himalaya and since they are such a trusted brand, I had no doubts about it. Although the product is designed for pregnant women it can be used by others ladies too. This body butter is available in three sizes and a 200ml jar is the best buy. The jar packaging is amazing with an attractive and convenient design.
The smell of the body butter is fresh and wonderful with the sweet smell of lavender that lingers on the skin for a long time. The butter is smooth and creamy and feels fantastic on the skin. With the very little amount required, your skin will get moisturized instantly with this soothing body butter and will keep you away from dryness and greasiness. If applied at night, you will wake up to soft and supple skin that is completely nourished with the goodness of lavender body butter. Using this butter on a regular basis can bring changes to your skin texture by making it softer and wonderful. This hydrating butter hydrates your skin for 12 hours and the product can be used by everyone, including moms and pregnant ladies. It has amazing ingredients like cocoa butter and glycerin and is available in three variations: Jasmine, lavender and rose with jars available in 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml.

Some of the features:

  1. Great product at reasonable pricing
  2. Available in various sizes
  3. It has a pleasant and wonderful smell that is long lasting
  4. The texture is smooth and makes your skin super soft
  5. Dry skin heals quickly to moisturized skin
  6. Best for harsh winters

Himalaya Mom Intimate wash: Your body changes a great deal during pregnancy with the belly growing gradually and soreness in breasts, along with swelling in the vagina. Vaginal discharge increases during this period due to a high level of estrogen and progesterone, leading to many infections. This region becomes acidic during pregnancy and it’s PH balance need to be maintained regularly. Himalaya Intimate Wash helps you maintain that PH balance, even after delivery, when the vagina might be swollen or painful. Himalaya for Moms intimate wash keeps the PH balance ranging from 3.5-4.5 and the area smells fresh throughout the day. The wash has Tea Tree Oil and Pongamia oil that keeps you away from bad odor as acts as an antifungal. It is a gentle product for your intimate area with a mild floral fragrance.

How to use & a few quick tips-

  1. Clean your vaginal area and use an intimate wash to clean and wash it.
  2. Dry the entire area using wipes.
  3. Wear loose underwear and clothing.
  4. Drink lots of liquids and eat yogurt daily.
  5. reduce sugar intake and follow a healthy diet routine along with a regular walk.

Himalaya mom’s intimate wipes: Based on the same lines as the intimate wash, Himalaya intimate wipes are great especially while traveling. Intimate wipes are safe and gentle with a mild fragrance and are great for cleaning your vagina and keeping it dry. The PH balance of your intimate part is maintained even while traveling when you cannot use the intimate wash and just dispose of them after use.

They are easy to carry in your backpack or handbag and no water is required to clean when using wipes. These wipes are alcohol-free and are infused with lavender oil that has mild fragrance along with Pongamia oil and Tea Tree Oil to keep you away from dryness and itching. There are 25 wipes in a pack which is sealed to retain moisture. Vaginal health is very crucial pre and post-pregnancy, so stay away from infections during pregnancy by maintaining vaginal care routine by using the Himalaya for moms Intimate wipes.

Himalaya is one of the most trusted brands since 1930. People from across the globe love and trust the brand Himalaya. Himalaya is specially designed for all. The products are economically priced so that every common man can also use it.The products have been clinically tested and are mild on skin.




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