Feel like cooking? Here are some quick recipes to try from TikTok!

Feel like cooking? Here are some quick recipes to try from TikTok!

They said the definition of an individual was based on the food they ate. You are what you eat, is something you hear all the time, and it’s so true. With today’s busy schedules, it’s difficult to cook and becoming difficult increasingly. So, if you are looking for recipes or discover the places to go to, look no further, you can do so now on TikTok!

TikTok, the world’s leading short-video platform, has become a place where people share their recipes – some complex and others quick, and in this article, we will showcase some quick and popular recipes that have garnered a lot of popularity on TikTok.

Who would like a glass of tandoori chai?: Sure, it’s not something you get everywhere in India, but tandoori chai has its takers. The tea is prepared in a traditional tandoor and is quite delicious. If you ever wondered how it’s prepared, TikTok user YumMumbai shares a TikTok video of how it is prepared.

Everyone loves a good sandwich: Even in the Enid Blyton books that we read as kids, something as simple as bread with butter made our mouths water. Now, imagine the Enid Blyton picnic basket coming to life? In this video shared by TikTok user Ultra Foodie, an egg sandwich is prepared in three easy steps. It’s so simple and looks so tasty that you want to go home and have a sandwich of your own.

Mango and its variants: Everyone loves mango and in the summer months, it’ll actually be a surprise if someone has not eaten a mango. TikTok user Meghna Charlotte Rao shares a video where she has a mango with a twist. It’s a diced mango with dry fruits, honey, and some milk. It’s a lovely combo for someone on a diet as it has both fruits and nuts.

Would you like a samosa?: Everyone loves a good samosa, and TikTok user Radio Ka Rohan shares this mouth-watering video of samosas getting dipped into piping hot oil and getting fried. Sounds yum, right?

Paneer anyone? Who would have thought that some warm milk and some lemon is all you need to make homemade paneer? All you need to do is squeeze the lemon into the milk and constantly sir until the milk curdles to form soft paneer. Watch this mouth-watering video shared by TikTok user Recipes You Like.

Anyone for fish fry: TikTok user Mithun Babu shared a video of his traditional Kerala fish fry recipe that will make every seafood lover start drooling. The TikTok video is short, the recipe simple. So, watch it here, making it at home and enjoy yourself!

Breakfast roll: Fried rolls for breakfast. Sounds delish, doesn’t it? TikTok user Official Divya shares this delicious video of her unique creation.

These are quick and easy enough to make, so what are you waiting for? Get moving and let’s get cooking!

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  1. Amazing and insightful post. This TikTok cooking treat provides a spin on the classic recipes and allows you to effortlessly enjoyment. Great thoughts.

  2. Wow! I didn’t know such great recipes were available on tiktok! Thank you for sharing… Sending these to my mom ASAP! ?

  3. Awesome videos on Tiktok. Never thought food recipes could be shared on Tiktok. Your article definitely is making me drool. Love how you have reviewed this new kind of food vlogging.

  4. To be very honest I never saw such video but as you mentioned some of the accounts I will definitely going to create new TIK TOK account and check all those video. Thanks

  5. honestly I am far away from tiktok as of now, although i have seen a couple of viral videos and its usage in the movie Bala by yami gautam. but for easy recipes i can surf through it.

  6. Wow tiktok even does recipes ? that’s one platform I haven’t used before . Wow the tandoori chai seems like something I would enjoy.


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