Fashion File- Ariana Grande’s high ponytail & winged eyeliner

Why we love Ariana Grande’s high ponytail and winged eyeliner

All of us are simply in love with Ariana Grande as she is an amazing singer and a fashionista who rocks her signature look of swingy high ponytails and sharp winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner has been in style since the ’60s and it never fails to make an impression. It is the go-to look of Ariana Grande as the young star has stayed loyal to winged eyeliner since the time she rose to popularity. High ponytail by Ariana brings out her preppy chic style while highlighting her jawline. A high ponytail and winged eyeliner have become her signature look and we simply love it as it is indeed an amazing combination.
The lady’s brunette locks sported with a high ponytail, winged eyeliner, and a pout gives her an amazing personality and appearance.  Whether it’s a club night or a casual day she pulls off the ponytail look quite easily. We have seen her sport a ponytail on a red carpet, in her music videos and even while lounging, she experiments with crimp texture or sleek high ponytail.
Whenever we think of high-ponytails, winged eyeliner, and flawless tan, Ariana Grande comes to our mind and it accentuates her shoulders and jawline. Even if she changes her hair colour or dresses, the high ponytail and winged eyeliner do not change and we all are in love with her sharp look and unique style. Even though ponytail is her signature look, we have also seen try other hairstyles like a half-up pony, wispy bangs, or a bun.

Here are some of the best looks she has tried:

Blonde: in 2017 Ariana changed her brunette hair into blonde and it looked completely stunning. She looked simply dazzling in her magazine photoshoots with her Blonde hair and high ponytail.

Ombre: Ariana is mostly seen in ombre coloured hair as compared to other colours and this colour does complete justice to her signature ponytail and winged eyeliner look.

Wispy Bangs: Bangs is the latest haircut trend and we saw Ariana sporting this amazing look in 2018. Wispy bangs looked glamorous and trendy and made her look amazing.
Bun: Ariana looked stunning in bun hairstyle as it highlighted her beautiful face shape and flawless eyeliner. She completed the look with eyeliner and her entire up-do looked remarkable.


Half-up double bun: Here is a hair-do that suits Ariana the best, which is Half-up double bun. She uses this hairstyle almost everywhere and has tried in different ways.
Half-up ponytail: Before Ariana moved to her legendary ponytail, she used to wear a half-up ponytail, which was cute looking and even now we can spot her in this half-up ponytail at times.
Whenever we think of Ariana, we get a picture of a talented singer with winged eyeliners, amazing outfits, high heels, and a ponytail. The ponytail stands out as it is high, tight and long enough to reach her waist and it simply looks magical. She has often broken her comfort zone by mixing the high ponytail with other styles and every style has made her look stunning. I am in love with her signature style and would like to try wearing a high ponytail and winged eyeliner.

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