Collection of Exclusive Lining Fabrics for Men

Collection of Exclusive Lining Fabrics for Men

The lining material is to enhance the longevity of the attire. It provides neat inside finish by concealed interfacing; it covers the raw edges of the seams, forms a padding effect and also beat cold. The lining fabric for men’s wear is mostly used in suits, coat, and jacket. Though it is within the inner side of the attire so it is not much visible but the quality of the fabric is very important as it also surfaces the background of the main fabric. The lining material bearing the logo adds to the grandeur of both wearer and the attire.
Jacquard Lining

Jacquard lining fabric is highly soft, durable and flexible. This type is enough breathable, doesn’t affect the skin and the best part is that it doesn’t crease. It is often used with luxury garments like coat, blazer or suits.

Cupro Lining
This is a type of lining that is extracted from silk fabric. It is very light in weight and so doesn’t add any extra volume. It is highly breathable, soft and durable. It has the highest comfort factor. It can be used in both winter and summer wear. It doesn’t irritate skin rather gives a soothing effect.
Bemberg Lining
It is a superior version of Cupro. It has the highest water absorption factor. Also, it is comfortable in wearing. has the best quality of Bemberg lining. It has also premium quality of other lining fabrics. With variation in price, various qualities are also available. The logo embossed on each lining fabric is the assurance of high quality. The premium fabric from leading European manufacturers like Scabal, Dormeuil, and Brunello are in stock here.

Acetate or Rayon lining fabric

This is a variation of polyester but is soft and more breathable. It has a shiny appearance. The huge palate of the colour range is available in this type. For jackets or coarse wool sweater and blanket, this material is widely used.  Polyester is an economic quality of the same. But polyester is sometimes allergic to skin. So it is used in dresses of lower ranges.


It is plain woven for lustrous finishing. For premium and costly apparels, taffeta is used as a lining fabric. It has twisted woven style and is starched to maintain the shape and lustre. It is also directly used in making attires. But taffeta for the lining is different from the fabric of making the base attire.

Eco-friendly fabric or recycled fabrics are also used broadly now a day. Generally cotton or original fabric of long strand helps in recycling. Tissura assembles the best quality of all fabric. It produces across the world with good quality and branded clothing material. Also it ensembles all clothing and sewing accessories. Check the online store to estimate the price and get the best fabric.




  1. Inner fabric of a cloth really matters as it even defines the quality of a cloth. Hardly people know about these inner lining cloth that is used in blazers and jackets, thanks for sharing this, people should know what their clothing is made up off.


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