Colgate Magical Stories

Colgate Magical Stories
Recently Colgate introduced magical stories for little ones,to keep them occupied and enhance their skills to learn and develop their brain.This fun activity helps in developing the growth of your little one with the zeal to learn ,play and drive their imagination,spending quality time with their loved ones.
Colgate has introduced 4 sets-Treasure Hunt,Coral reef,Sea Magic and Pirate ship.Its a simple fun activity.Simply cut ,play and learn.
Kids can use their imagination and narrate stories to one another,with the help of different animations.
Coral Reef

The simplest story one can come out with the help of coral reef is  survival of the fittest ,how the nature keeps the balance .
There are many stories one can think of,with their creative hats on,but the best part is when our little ones use their imagination and narrate something out of the box.
I was surprised ,when I showed my nephew the video on magical stories and told him ,that we’ll be doing this fun activity together ,with no time he said I’ll narrate a story to you .
And with no time he started his story which revolved around the sea and its creatures.Long time ago ,when people use to travel by sea and had no means of transport .There lived a young boy next to the sea ,all alone .Nobody knew from where he came and where his family was.One fine day he saw a dream that his family lived on the other side of the sea ,but because the family was so poor ,they could not travel to the other side .People said that the waves got this child here but nobody helped him as he had no penny with him,he used to pray and beg the ship owners to drop him to the other side ,but nobody helped the child .He used to weep all day sitting by the sea side ,hoping for some miracle to happen. He used to daily see people travelling ,and wished he knew swimming so that he can get to the other side.
One day while looking at the sunrise ,a sea turtle appeared next to him and said we sea creatures see you everyday crying for help ,but no one helps you,and finally we four friends have decided to help you,please tell me ,how can we help you to bring a smile on your face,the little boy was surprised and told him how the waves got him to the other side of the sea and how he is longing to be with his family.
The sea turtle smiled and said that’s it-your problem is solved ,we friends will help you to re unite with your family.We will divide the route and carry you on our back and drop you to the other side,the only thing we expect from you is to trust us.The boy with no second thought said Yes,and the sea turtle disappeared and in some time he came along with his friends ,and turn by turn they carried the boy on their back and managed to drop him to the other side.At last the little boy found his family ,the sea horse ,turtle and the fishes kissed him goodbye and gave him some ornaments ,the boy Thanked each one of them and since then they are friends forever ,everyday the sea creatures come near the sea shore to play and sometimes gift some precious ornaments they find in sea.
The story teaches us to trust one another in what ever form God has created us.God is always there for us in every form.One needs to trust and have patience.
I really liked the story my nephew narrated me,hope you liked it too,you too can do this fun activity with your little one .To get these magical stories ,you simply need to purchase a Colgate paste  and check the carton .Apart from the fun activity your child will be eager to brush and stay healthy . 🙂
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