BYJU’S Classes vs Private Tutoring. Which is better?

BYJU’S Classes vs Private Tutoring. Which is better?

BYJU’S Classes vs Private Tutoring, which is better and why? If you have the same question in mind, then this article is for you. After school learning solutions like private tuitions have become more popular over the past decade, and with the pandemic on the loose, tuitions are more important than ever.

But which is the best option for your child? An online learning model like BYJU’S or traditional private tuitions? Read on to find out.

Comparing BYJU’S Classes vs Private Tutoring:

Ease of Access: BYJU’S classes are easily accessible from any place and any time. Kids need not worry about commuting to a physical classroom.  Also, kids get access to the best teachers across the country. 

Although private tuitions have experienced teachers, finding an experienced teacher in your vicinity may not be possible all the time. Plus, kids also have to risk commuting in these pandemic times.

Flexible Timings:  BYJU’S classes are flexible as they are scheduled as per students’ convenience. The flexibility in schedule, reduces stress in students and helps make learning more convenient.

Just like schools, private tuitions have strict schedules and timings. They cannot be altered for every individual student.

Teaching Methods: BYJU’S classes incorporate sophisticated teaching tools like strong visuals, graphics and storytelling to simplify complex concepts. BYJU’S classes are structured to help students do more than just learn. It is designed to learn, practice and revise the lessons.

Most private tuitions rely on traditional chalk and talk method. Rote learning and memorization may be given importance.

Parent Involvement: BYJU’S classes ensure that all the stake holders in a child’s education; parent, teacher, and the student, are all involved in the learning process. Parents get real-time updates on their wards progress and mentors conduct monthly parent teacher meetings. 

In private tuitions, parents may not receive regular updates on their child’s progress.

BYJU’S vs Private Tuitions: The biggest advantage of BYJU’S Classes

The biggest of BYJU’S classes over private tuitions is the “BYJU’S Two-Teacher Advantage”. 

One teacher (expert teacher) explains concepts and helps kids understand every concept, whereas a second teacher pays attention to a student’s needs by making the class engaging and interactive. The second teacher also solves doubts, conducts tests and assigns homework.

There is one advantage private tuitions have over BYJU’S classes, and that is internet connectivity. However, BYJU’S has almost fully optimized its classes to work on low bandwidth networks. So that problem may soon be solved, if not already resolved.

So, when it comes to BYJU’S Classes vs Private Tutoring, I hope I was able to help you decide. 

Choose whats best for you and your child. 

What is your choice? Let me know in the comment section below.


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