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                                                                 As Beautiful As Your Work

“Work is worship” is a phrase i have heard since  childhood but i actually understand the meaning much later in life,when i came to know my “aunt” better.Aunt  a small word but a word which inspires me and the younger generations in the family and has brought a lot of pride to all the others.

A teacher by profession my aunt went through a lot of troubled waters soon after her marriage,a dedicated teacher and mother- a devoted wife and daughter in law.Her husband fell seriously ill when her younger son was just 1 year old.A bed ridden husband,an invalid mother in law and two small boys and the only earning member ,she faces every thing alone without complaining or asking anyone for any kind of help.Life was definitely not a bed of roses for her.

Her work become even more important for her ,getting up early in the morning preparing breakfast ,for everyone,going to school and that to on time,coming back preparing lunch,taking tut ions in the evening ,visiting the doctor and preparing dinner,helping her children with their homework .Her work was beautiful for her,her students loved her and she only unfastened love and affection ,her gentle words of wisdom helped each one of us and her students alike to choose which way to go,full of spirit she created her own image and believed it is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness.Her services for the cause of education can hardly be enumerated,her devotion and dedication inspired everyone who was associated with her.

Today most of her students are holding by and important post but they always have time for her ,they never forget certain days and dates they follow her teachings, that success is the progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile goal,what she inculcated in us was-Habits are powerful factors on our lives ,because they are consistent ,our character basically is a  composite of our habits. “Sow a character  reap a destiny.”

Her work is very important to her even now,inculcating honesty,loyalty ,compassion and commitment has brought beauty,happiness and harmony in our lives,through her.Her thoughts are as beautiful as her work,she believes in simple living high thinking always ,taught us that we have each to do our duty(work),in that sphere of life in which we have been placed.Duty alone is true action ,duty is the end and the aim of the highest life.Truest pleasure of all is that derived from the consciousness of it’s fulfillment.

Her work and responsibilities  have been the guiding light in many ways ,she taught us that one can achieve their dreams and goals and no one can do ii for you,you and you alone are in the pilots seat of your life and you alone can make the changes needed for your future happiness and success.

If one talks of inner beauty -then yes-She is as beautiful as her work,sincere ,guiding light for others, an inspiration for many  and a personality that no one can compare with,She is a perfect human being , she is  a beautiful Mia Women for me.

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p.s – This is my entry for the Tanishq’s Mia and Ripple “As Beautiful As Your Work” contest
This post is dedicated to my my bua (Mrs Amrita Dutta).


  1. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.


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