Bliss Edify-The School With A Difference

Bliss Edify-The School with a difference

Bliss Edify is an International School in Pune offering world-class education to the students through an International curriculum which makes use of research and inquiry-based practice that helps students think critically. This innovative and unique curriculum provides a different type of development that helps them think globally.
Students gain knowledge through the development of research skills and ask challenging questions and can understand the topics in a better manner. If you are looking for IB School in Pune then this flagship school by Budhrani Knowledge Foundation is one of the best schools in Pune.

Nowadays it is important to acquire knowledge of International languages and Edify is a school that teaches French and German to all the students’ right from the Nursery class and is one of the few schools in Pune to do so.
When students learn foreign languages right from the beginning, they learn more about cultures and lifestyles. Bliss Edify trains them to communicate with people from different origins in an effortless manner. Later the school also plans to introduce Spanish and Mandarin languages in the coming years.

Here are some unique things offered by Bliss Edify, which makes it stand out from the other schools:

  • It is one of the few schools in Pune to offer foreign language knowledge right from the nursery.
  • It is the only school in Pune to provide day-care at no additional cost.
  • It has State-of-the-art infrastructure with great facilities for sports like swimming, skating, basketball, and tennis.
  • Dance, Visual Arts, and Drama are a part of the curriculum
  • The school provides one of the best virtual classes in Pune
  • The curriculum has been integrated with technology
  • Students hail from different nationalities
  • Implacable focus on learning outcomes

Why Bliss Edify International School?

This school offers a well-designed curriculum with more focus on learning as compared to teaching. This curriculum values questions above answers, excellence over standardized performance, and individuality over uniformity and creativity over fact repetition.
It is one of the best infrastructure schools in Pune that teaches its children Self-Management, Early literary and offers pastoral care. This is a school that has changed the education system and has made an understanding of the topic more important than cramming.
The school has implemented effective teaching strategies to help the students achieve the best quality education through meticulous assessment procedures. The school offers the social and emotional well-being of children through encouragement, motivation, and acknowledgement of efforts.
Bliss Edify also inculcates the moral wisdom in their kids that teaches the young minds how to become successful in life.
The atmosphere of the school is great and every student can thrive and flourish through differentiated learning, behavioural support, and academic support. The school delivers high-quality education, defying all odds.

Virtual Education by Bliss Edify:

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise and shock, virtual education is the new way of educating the children. The academic team at Bliss Edify has been imparting virtual education to children using the latest technologies.
The school is changing the ways of teaching with virtual reality and new learning technologies are being introduced. The school pays special attention to the students for the personal development of each student and the teachers make use of explicit strategies for teaching the learners.
Bliss Edify provides the best day-care in Hinjewadi so if you are looking for Pre Primary education in Hinjewadi then enrol your child in this International school to give your child a world-class education and high moral values.


  1. Loving the way schools are now changing and taking schooling to a different level. I loved the fact that this school teaches foreign language frm pre primary classes. I too believe that the earlier they start the better for kids to learn.

  2. This is great ? and the new format of education ? is so crucial today in which activity and visuality becomes key. Thanks for detailing this out and this will be hopefully key for many institutions to follow.

  3. This looks like an awesome place to study, wish I could go back to school ?. I love the fact that they are including extracurricular activities as part of their curriculum. This is so important.

  4. Really good to know that schools are changing the way of teaching. And yes virtual education is the new way of educating the children. One of my friend who live in Pune I will definitely recommend him about this school.


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