Best Winter Trek for Beginners

Best Winter Trek for Beginners

Trekking as a beginner is a compelling choice because a lot of times, you don’t really know what lurks in height. Trekking can be defined as a long adjourned journey that is set typically on foot and helps you to reach heights, and they are usually done with the necessary guidance from a trekking organization who will help and prepare you for the trip. But there is still some essential research that you need to do before you go out for a hike of your life. It will help you to be prepared.

Going on a trek is impressive by itself, Have you ever wondered how it would feel for you to go out on a trek, alone or with a group? If you haven’t been on a trek before, then you are missing out on the most significant part of your life where you can have the thrill.

Best trekking spots for beginners:

  1. SandakphuPhalut Trek: One of the highest trek located in India is an excellent trekking spot, especially if you are a beginner. It is located on West Bengal, so if you are from there, then reaching won’t be a trouble for you. Now coming to the height and the altitude of this place, well, it comes off at an altitude of about 12000ft. Necessarily it does not mean that you have to go to the top. You can enjoy this chill summit with your friends, which is especially inhabited mostly during the wintertime.

  1. Sham Valley Trek: It is a small trek which is located in Ladakh and won’t take you more than three days to roam this entire place. If you are going to Ladakh via Kashmir, then you can walk this place, which will give you a scenic beauty that you might want to capture with the camera of your eyes. This trek is not that much high and especially for you if you are trekking for the very first time. The only best thing about this trek is that you will see the most beautiful landscape of imaginary, which might fill your eyes.
  1. Brahmatal Trek: If you want a costly trek that can yield a lot of expense for you, then you can choose this one over the others. Well, this trek will cost you around 9k approximately and one of the easiest treks that you can have around as a first-timer. Located in Uttarakhand (where you will notice most of the trekking spot lies), this place is fantastic and comes with an excellent scenic value, which is very much pleasing to the eyes. And the best thing about here is the impressive range of villas that you can get around while you are looking for six days itinerary with your friends or even your family.
  1. Kedarkantha Trek: One of the best treks that you can enjoy in your life as a first-timer, this is the place where you can capture the scenic beauty which comes with a high latitude. You have to book around for seven days to complete this whole trek, especially if you are visiting with your family. There are a lot of religious places that you can visit, and you will see cultural shrines located at the top, during the time of your trek. It is significantly famous for the presence of the temple of Lord Shiva.

  1. Nag Tibba Trek: Located in Uttarakhand, the Nag Tibba trek lies in the Shivalik range and a beautiful trek that you can enjoy with your family. The grade level of this trek is meant for you the beginners so that you can have a fun time while you trek around in the wild. It is located in the hinterlands of the Garhwal and is a ten on ten if you ask for a right trekking spot made especially for beginners.
  1. DeoriatalChandrashila Trek: A slightly higher trek than what you will usually get, this is an excellent place to be if you are looking for a reasonable timeout with your friends. Located in Uttarakhand, this is a five days trekking guide for you, which is filled with the spring colours of the Himalayas and its adjoining regions.

 These list, which is mentioned above, are not only the best choice for you but the ultimate guide if you are looking for trekking places as a beginner. This list will help you to find an excellent way to get into the wild and delight yourself with the rich blossoms, especially with the scenic beauty that each and every one of them has.

    Have a good trip!

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