Best Places To Visit In Europe

My European experience:

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Europe is an amazing continent which boasts of it’s beautiful cities, Venice, romantic city of Paris, the Alps of Switzerland or the rustic windmills of Netherlands. There is so much to explore in Europe. The continent has wonderful landmarks, historical architecture, amazing food, and friendly locals.  Every country has it’s own history and different culture. When I visited Europe, I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower, Switzerland and the canals of Amsterdam. The place is full of diversity and there are many things to see and do around Europe.

Places one should not skip during his trip.

Visit the romantic city of Paris: Paris is the City of Lights is the most romantic city in the world and it is known for food, wine, and ancient history. Magic prevails in every street of Paris with best Fashion Boutiques and lip-smacking food. Though travelling through all the parts of the city may take months, but we can visit famous places like Louvre, Champ De Elyse, Eiffel Tower and Museum within a few days. River Seine cruise is also amazing as you can see the glowing Eiffel tower during the evening.
Explore the Swiss Alps: The Alps in Switzerland are the most remarkable mountains around the world and you can see some of the most breathtaking views throughout the world. They are one of the greatest natural attractions and you can enjoy skiing or hiking during the winter or summer. Don’t miss Interlaken, Lucerne, Mount Jungfrau, and Mount Tiflis. The ice-museum in Jungfrau is simply astonishing. Interlaken is a place where you can go hiking, hot chocolates, and outdoor sports and is a popular party destination for the backpackers.

Visit Amsterdam: Amsterdam is the city of canals with Cobblestone and brick streets and you can experience the vibrant music and art in the city along with friendly locals that help you in every way. It is a city with a rustic feel and is more than just coffee shops and red lights.

Explore Rome: Rome is a historical city with astounding food and nightlife. There are little streets in the area and you can explore it on foot with great ease. The place is known for the best wine along with pizza, so get the taste of the local city by visiting the Trastevere area. visit the Vatican city and the Colosseum, which are the biggest tourist attractions in the historical city.

Venice –  The city of Venice is known for being built on the water since ages and it is known for gondola rides and the famous St. Mark’s Square. You can delve into the Venetian history and culture or watch glass artisans at work at Murano glass factory. Don’t miss the Gondola ride that swirls through the blue lagoon, under the historical bridges, and through the narrow water lanes.

Visit Swarovski museum: Austria is home to the World famous Swarovski world and you will be lost in this wonderland for hours. The entrance is amazing with a waterfall sculpted out of mountain covered with greenery. Inside the museum is a world full of glittering artificial diamonds rafted into creative designs and jewels.

Rough Travel Cost

The cost of the entire trip with travel to Rome, Florence, Venice, Austria, Switzerland, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam is about 3 Lakhs per person if you use accommodation with three-four star hotels and travel on coach buses.

Where to stay: 

  • Rome: Hotel Novotel Roma Est.-cost: INR 8000 double room
  • Florence: Hotel San Marco-cost: INR 5500
  • Venice: Hotel Alfa Fiera-cost: INR 4000
  • Austria: Hotel Post Steinach-cost: INR 6000
  • Engelberg Switzerland: Hotel Terrace cost: INR 8000
  • Paris: Best Western Paris CDG Airport INR 8500
  • Amsterdam: Hotel Ibis Schipol Amsterdam Airport INR 5000

We had a wonderful time exploring Europe with family. Have you visited? Do share your thought on the same.

Please note prices may vary as per the season and the travel agent.



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