Advantages of using a diaper

                           How to select the best diaper

Becoming a mother for the first times,gives  tremendous joy and emotion’s to one,and on the same scale ,it adds little stress ,as what is best suited for my baby,will the product live up-to ones expectation,how do I know ,what is the best and so many why’s and how’s ,we all are aware of it.

comfort_and_pampers_disposable_diapersNow the question comes-Is diaper really safe for our little one?

And the answer is Yes,these days doctor’s advice diapers for better development & hygiene of the child. (Do consult your pead)diaper-buttsSome people do feel that diapers are not really good ,but science is above all .One should always give gap and let the skin breathe,so  no allergy or rashes are caused.

There are two types of diaper available in the market-Pant style & normal panty style,available for both male & female child.Popular brands available are-Pampers,huggies,libero,himalaya & mamy poko pants.

518ibw6xdel-_aa300_How do we select the right diaper??

Selecting a particular diaper for your little one is a tough job,but keeping the following points we should choose one-Always look for stretch sides diaper
Absorbent core/long lasting dryness
Fits comfortably with Flexible Waistband
Clinically proven
Skin friendly natural ingredients
Cotton Like Softness
Leakage protection
Gel based.


item_xl_6611135_12545505There are different brands available in the market,its up-to you ,which one you choose from.Plus the market has imported diapers ,which are far better than the local ones.

Keeps baby clean ,dry & healthy
locks wetness
Use & throw.

Causes rashes


Final verdit -I  have used almost all the brands ,that are available in the market,and the best diaper ,that suits my baby is Pampers active baby .The diaper is light in weight,with good absorbent quality ,which fits my child comfortably and is hygienic.One should change the diaper after every 4-6 hours depending on the wetness measure.

                                                         My favorite brand.pampers-active-baby-large-size-diapers-78-count-4


Quick tip-One should also keep some gap and let the skin breathe ,it’s always best to consult your pediatric.






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