Act Of Smartness- #ColgateMagicalStories

Act Of Smartness – #ColgateMagicalStories

There are hardly any brands available, that think for the its customers. The main motivate of any brand is to make money and to stay in the goodwill of others.

But as usual Colgate heads ahead of many brands, and thinks out of the box, and again this year ,they have created Magical stories revolving around Space adventure.

Colgate has been favourite from generation to generation, almost in everyone’s home and for our future generation they have introduced Colgate Magical Stories every year for our younger generation.Vacations has started in almost all the schools, after the annual exam, to keep your child busy and to develop their thinking power one must buy a pack of Colgate and spend quality time with their little one.Colgate has introduced 3 sets-Alien Planet,Space Launch & Space Walk.

Let me narrate the story that my little one did to me-about Space launch,after cutting the design provided.

He started with do you know, how is rocket launched? What clothes do astronauts wear??

And what not ..I smiled and answered ,baby I don’t know, you please tell me.He started ..I will tell you but first you have to listen to my story ,and I said please go ahead -We all were sitting quietly and revising our earlier notes ,as our class teacher was checking the test papers one by one, and calling the students while checking to pinpoint their mistakes.

As she called out my name, I was scared, as I know, I did not  do my best, I had no choice  but to stand up and went near the teacher desk, as the teacher said…What have you done ..???you don’t know …??A strange thing happened a  rocket  just landed in our class, without causing any damage. I was so happy as everyone was distracted and started running. Soon after few seconds a boy in orange colour suit and a girl in green colour suit came out of the rocket door. We all were surprised to see them, later they introduced themselves as John & Mia,they told us about their journey ,on which planet they were going ,and what was their motivate.

In short they narrated everything to us, about how a rocket is launched, what are the precautions one must take while launch time. What is the importance of Space suits, why one must wear special designed space suits only, what are Space stations and why are they important during this period.

We all very amazed and surprised to know the details how a rocket is launched, how many people are involved in this task.The most amazing thing about this activity was the space suit that weighs 127 kg with 13 layers of material. John & Mia were very friendly, they showed us everything involved during the space launch. They taught us everything related to rocket launch. Suddenly I felt someone calling my name…Rohan…can you hear me..answer me ..and pulled my ear .I shouted yes  and realised ,my teacher was shouting on me and telling me to get my test paper signed by my parents, then  I realised it was all in my dream ,but I seriously wished ,that John & Mia could come and save me from my teacher and my exam paper.

Lastly, I was told by my son. To sign his test paper, for which he had built such an innovative story and I had no words for him, as always. We pamper them and they bribe us.

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