VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

Description-Has the blazing sun robbed your skin of its natural radiance? This Anti Tan Facial Kit from VLCC will help you get rid of the sun tan and repairs the damage done by harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will tone your uneven skin tone and leave your skin soft and smooth.Enriched with Herbal Goodness

This anti-tan facial kit comes with five sachets for a complete facial. Apart from lightening the blemishes and skin tone, this kit also helps in removing dead cells from your skin and makes it clear and radiant.Easy-to-use.

Claims-Removes Dead Cells,
Lightens the Blemishes,
Repairs Damage Done from UVA and UVB Rays,
Leaves Skin Clear and Radiant

Type-Facial kit
Suitable for-all skin types
Shelf life-3year

My Take On The Product – Summer holidays are over long time back,but in most of the cases the tanning is still there.So to remove the tanning one can opt for VLCC anti tan kit,the detan kit helps in removing,excess tanning ,when used regularly.The facial kit has a very mild fragrance,it does not dry or break the skin.It helps in removing dead cells and lighten the blemishes,which results into clear and radiant skin.The only negative part is opening each sachet and mixing the content and then tieing the sachet ,so the mixture does not dry,but somehow ,it dries up.Overall a decent product .

Removes Tan when used in regular intervals.
Easy on pocket.
It’s a travel friendly packaging.
All Ayurvedic composition.

Tedious work of opening and mixing the content.
The leftover dries up ,once the packing is open.

Final Verdict-A decent product for removing tan at home.


VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract-Review

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract-Review

After a long vacation with my family,in the hills.I’m finally back to my place (Delhi).During my vacation times,I tried several sunscreen to protect my skin from sunburn.one of them is –VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract Matte look,it did not disappoint me much.

So read it,to find out ,what I liked & disliked  about it-

Product description-Sun screen cream with Pineapple extracts and SPF 30 and PA+++. Hydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple.

Type-Sunscreen Cream
Suits-All skin types
Price-Rs 315/-
Shelf life-2 years


Packing-It comes in a plastic tube ,with a flip flop cap ,with product details mentioned .



My Take On The Product-The sunscreen is not watery or gel based.The cream comes in a yellowish tan color,which spreads evenaly.One should apply a base cream with it.After applying the cream the skin becomes white and cakey,acts more like a BB cream,gives a matte look.It has a mild fragrance .I have oily skin type,and I did sweat,so I wont say its completely Non sticky .Overall a nice product with good amount of Spf with natural ingredients,and hence its an ayurvedic product. 🙂

Matte look.
Enriched with SPF 30 and PA+++ .
Has Pineapple extracts.
Easily available.
Light weight formula.
Natural Ingredients.
Paraben free.


White cast.
It’s not completely Non sticky.

Final Verdict– VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream  is more like a BB/CC cream with Spf & Pa+++ ,gives a white cast effect,with all natural ingredients.


Review-VLCC-Diamond Polishing Face Scrub

                  Diamond Polishing Face Scrub With Diamond Bhasma

Details-A unique formulation enriched with the goodness of real Diamond Bhasma, designed to offer deep exfoliation of dead cells, embedded dirt and grime from skin. Its superior formulation detoxifies the skin and improves blood circulation, while Jojoba Oil provides long lasting moisturisation that makes skin soft and supple.

Direction To Use-Take an appropriate amount and appy all over the clean face and neck. Scrub gently with circular movements for atleast 5-7 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Basic Details
Net Wt-80g
Use Before-12months

Packing-The product comes in a see through plastic tube with a flip flop cap.One can easily see the granules which sparkle’s and attract a person.I’ts a travel friendly product.

My Take On The  Product-The scrub is very mild and does not scrub properly as per my experience with a  mild fragrance,leaves the skin oily so,one does not require to moisturize immediately.Best suited for dry skin .The scrub is transparent in color and one can see the diamond particles easily.

Leaves the skin soft supple & oily.It’s a average product,only try if you have dry skin.
Oily skin people stay away.

Mild fragrance
Travel friendly
Leaves skin soft  & supple
With Diamond Bhasma

Leaves skin oily
Very mild for scrubbing purpose
No glow


Best suited for Dry skin.

VLCC Daily Protection Lotion SPF 15-Review

                                 Daily Protect Anti Pollution Lotion With SPF 15 PA+

What the Company Claims-Enriched with Green Tea ,a powerful anti-oxidant which protects skin from damaging effects of pollution and environmental stress and Orange Peel Oil which soothes skin and moisturizes naturally.
This lotion fights and defends your skin from pollution all through the day.
Complete with SPF15,it also protects your skin from sun damage .It forms a coat on exposed skin,protecting it against harmful effects of pollution and is best suited for women with an active lifestyle.

Direction-Apply on your face and neck.Wait for a minute before using make-up.

Key Ingredients-Miconized titanium dioxide,sunscreen blend,silicon blend,trehalose,orange peel oil ,green tea extracts and polyamide.

Packing-Comes in a handy plastic bottle with a flip flop cap.
Net Vol-100ml
Price-Rs 79/-
Shell Life-36months from Mfg Date.

My Take On The Product-This lotion is not watery but quite thick as compared to other lotions available in the market.Best part about the lotion is its non -sticky ,has a mild floral  smell,absorbs quickly,giving sun protection without causing any skin irritation or so.

Enriched with Green Tea.
Budget buy.
Absorbs quickly.
No side effect.

SPf 15 (Very less sun protection)

*Best suited for normal or dry skin.

Rate 3/5