Product Description-Aloe vera plants have medicinal properties and hence are widely used in treating the burns, cuts, insect bites and several other skin ailments. This is one product that you must keep in your house, so that you can easily treat the kitchen burns and other injuries without wasting time. The uses of aloe vera plant are known since centuries but still many people are not aware about the conditions that can be treated with it. Due to the effectiveness of aloe vera in treating skin conditions it has been included in various cosmetics and facial creams. Enriched with the medicinal qualities of aloe vera and beneficial to keep skin healthy, beautiful, energetic and glaring.Product Details -Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel soothes, cools and gives hydration.Packing-It comes in a transparent plastic tube ,with flip-flop cap.The packing is normal ,nothing extra ordinary.Its a travel friendly pack.

Type-Gel base
Price-Rs 80/-
Net wt-150 ML

Directions of use-Apply generously to all areas of the skin. Apply frequently to help maintain the moisture and to help prevent peeling.

Ingredients-My Experience-Patanjali aloevera gel is green,the consistency of the gel is okay ,not to liquidity or too thick .It is very light in weight ,glides gently into the skin ,leaving the skin soft,supple & moisturizer,with a radiant glow .It can be used daily before taking a shower or bedtime,as it has ayurvedic properties or one can use it ,if they are suffering from any rash ,skin allergy ,insect sting or sun burn ,as it gives a soothing feeling and gives one a relaxing feeling.It is suited for all skin types.One tube lasts  for 2 months or so ,depending on the usage.

Suitable for all skin types.
Budget friendly.
Easily available.
Heals minor cuts,insect bites,burns,skin repair & allergy.

Ingredient list is incomplete.
Its not 100% herbal.

Final Verdit-It’s a must try & buy product.No cons as such ,so one can definitely give it a try.


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