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Namhah Tea

Namhah Tea-Namhah is a celebration of luxury and culture. It was born from the concept that true luxury is a way of life.Namhah promotes the legacy of the Indian culture by bringing its most elegant products to you. Perhaps, only a few things in this world are as elegant as tea.Each cup has its own character – from the unyielding flavour of Black tea, to the delicate and smooth aftertaste of the White; every sip can enchant your senses. We, at Namhah, believe that the true taste of tea can only be appreciated in its most natural form.Namhah brings to you the rarest and the finest teas from some of the most elite gardens in India. Each tea is selected in person for its unique personality.

Type-Black Tea
Flavour(s)-Wine tea ,Price-Rs 290/- Wt-100gm
Rose Oolong tea,Price-Rs 299/- Wt 50gm
Shelf life-1 Year

Wine Tea-
Rich in Anti-Oxidants and Good Flavor.
100% Authentic Darjeeling Black Tea
Reduces Stress Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients Eliminates toxins Stimulates and revitalizes Enhances respiratory functions
Helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating.

If you are a fan of black strong flavored tea then this is for you.Its an non alcoholic drink.

How to prepare-

Rose Oolong Tea -100% NATURAL Oolong Tea blended with SUN-DRIED ROSE PETALS.
INFUSE for around 3 minutes at 95ºC.

Again this tea is for black tea lover’s,it is mild and little sweet because of rose petals.

Wine tea & Rose Oolong tea

100% authentic tea.

Availability -only available online
Packing can be better.

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