Giveaway Winner Announcement

                                                         Winner Announcement

Hello friends,

Thank you so much everyone,for liking us & taking part in the giveaway.

The lucky winner is –Tenzing Bhutia

Congrats girl,request you to mail your details within 24 hours,failing to do so ,we will have to choose a new winner. 

More giveaway’s are in the pipeline,so spread happiness & cheers all 🙂


Time for a giveaway :)

Giveaway In Association With The Nature’s.Co

Hi friends,

It’s the best month of the year,because my birthday is coming up and there’s a giveaway for all my dear friends.

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Giveaway rules-
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5. This giveaway is valid for Indian resident above 18 years.
6. People unfollowing on later stages may get disqualified from participating in future giveaways.
7. The giveaway starts on 10th Nov & end on 10th dec.

For any queries ,please mail me

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All the best:)

Signs one must note in a relationship

                                 Common signs that help us to detect our partners loyalty

Cheating or betrayal has become so very common these days,that there is hardly any loyal people left.Loyalty only looks good in books these days.Our generation is does not understand the meaning of trust,loyalty & love.blogThere are tons of examples of cheating from celebrities to your next door neighbour ,nobody is as loyal ,as they look.There are N number of reasons ,why some people stick to their cheating partners,but now days Divorce has become so common ,because people are aware of their rights and they decide to end their marriage /relationship for a meaningful future.

Common signs of a cheater aretop101-They will never share their PASSWORD with you,everything will be password protected be it their cell phone,email,phone bill and bank statements.

2-No physical intimacy of any kind.f762a8fcdf551543d557af32cf656bf93-Spending most of the time out of the house.

4-Hiding their personal details like-travelling,clubbing ,enjoying without you,in short when you have no idea where the person is half of the time.

5-No communication,no common interest left to discuss.

6-Less WE time and more ME time.hqdefault7-If your partner is UNAVAILABLE most of the time,when you need them.

8-Finding SUSPICIOUS items like-hotel bills,doctor visit,path-lab reports,entry cards etc.

9-Your gut instinct says it.9327e-cheaterscheaters10-You are not included in any decision-making be it personal or financial.

The above listed pointers are very common signs one can find .Always use your gut instinct,they never lie,trust what you see and not what others tell you .A broken relationship can’t be fruitful ,if both the persons are not ready to give their 100%.

Always remember once a cheater ,is always a cheater ,in very rare cases it’s vise versa.d2a2f37a9ccc074254e9331a5ba6126cImage-google

Gift Idea’s For Your Sister On Rakhi

                                                      Budget Buy For Rakhi

Rakhi is just around the corner ,and so is the market with new innovation’s to attract one,but how do you choose what is the best gift for your sister apart from love and care.Lets see what are the Top 5 BEST gift idea’s for your sister–

1-Wrist Watch-One can buy a cool wrist watch depending on his budget .The price range  of a decent watch starts Rs 350 on wards on leading online shopping apps.

2-Make-up kit-A girls best friend is her make up kit ,be it a college student or a working women ,a girl can never say to make up products.One can check the products online  for discounts and brands available.The price range starts from Rs 400 on wards on most of the online sites.

3-Hand Bag-Favorite accessory for us has to be a cool and trendy bag according to our style and  comfort.One can purchase a sling bag for Rs 200 on wards on various sites.

4-Gift Voucher-One of the best gift is gifting your sister with a GV from her favorite store .Minimum amount for a gv is RS 200/-
5-Mobile Phone-A girls best friend to keep all her secrets and stay connected one one another.The price range starts from-Rs 600 on shop clue,gadgets and so on.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.Love and respect one another.

Image -google

Random Post- Kabir’s First Birthday

                                                       1st Birthday,7th .Aug,2016

Recently I was quite busy ,preparing for my little one’s first birthday party,which had to be lavish and grand. Kabir entered my life on 7th.Aug.2015 at 11.53 pm,when the world was sleeping and I was blessed with my bundle of joy, with up’s and downs ,joy and sorrow we finally achieved a milestone and my baby turned One on 7th aug,16.

Lets see ,how we celebrated his birthday-

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures,as much as we enjoyed the party.

Happy Birthday To The Best Dressed Celebrity-Sonam

               Happy Birthday To The Best Dressed Celebrity-Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor  is an Indian actress who appears in Bollywood films. Kapoor is one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, and is ranked as a celebrity in India. She has been nominated for four Filmfare Awards.
The daughter of actor Anil Kapoor, Kapoor studied theatre and arts at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. She became an assistant director to Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the 2005 film Black. Kapoor made her acting debut in Bhansali’s romantic drama Saawariya (2007), which earned her a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She had her first commercial success three years later in the romantic comedy I Hate Luv Storys.


Mother-Sunita Kapoor
Father-Anil Kapoor
Sibling(s)-Rhea & Harshvardan

Little Know Facts-
She is trained in Kathak, classical music, and Latin dance.
Sonam Kapoor is the only Indian actress who was featured as the cover girl of the international Prestige
Sonam was named the “Best Dressed Celebrity” of 2009 by People’s Magazine. Sonam is associated with prestigious brands like L’Oreal Paris, Electrolux, Spice Mobile, Mont Blanc and Anant Diamond Jewellery (a sub brand of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council).
She supports various charities and causes, such as creating awareness on breast cancer and LGBT rights. She is known in the media for her outspoken personality, and is a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and products.
Delhi-6,Saawariya,I Hate Luv Storys,Thank You,Aisha,Mausam,Raanjhanaa,Bhaag Milkha Bhaag,Prem Ratan Dhan Payo,,Bewakoofiyaan,Neerja & many more.

Up coming movie-
Battle For Bittora
Superstar of Tomorrow – Femala,Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance,Most Entertaining Actor in a Romantic Role – Female,Women Empowerment,Worst Actress & Critics Choice.
Sonam showed her finger: The actress grabbed eyeballs when she showed her middle finger to the press. During the promotions of her film Players.

Aishwarya Rai is an ‘aunty’: Sonam shocked all when she openly referred to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as ‘aunty’. The catfight began when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was replaced by Sonam for a cosmetic brand as their brand ambassador

Sonam and Abhay Deol tiff: The war of words between Sonam, daddy Anil Kapoor and Abhay Deol is not a secret. Soon after the release of Anil Kapoor’s home production Aisha, Abhay Deol expressed his displeasure over the huge amount of money spent on Sonam’s dress. Abhay blamed that not much importance was given to the film’s lot and characterisation and this solely was the reason for the film’s failure.

Sonam Kapoor exposed Shobha De: After Shobha De’s not-so-kind take on Sonam Kapoor starrer I Hate Luv Storys, Sonam decided to hit back. And the diva chose none other than Karan Johar’s chat show to give it all back. Not only did she hint at Shobha De’s cosmetic surgeries but also made fun of her by calling her a ‘bad writer’.

Katrina is ‘shameless’: Sonam referred to Katrina Kaif as shameless.


Biggest challenge was her weight  loss success.

Links Ups-

 Ranbhir Kapoor,Sahir Berry & Punit Malhotra:
Random Pics-

Happy Birthday To The Style Icon,
wish her luck & love.
Details & Images-Google



Random Post : Women’s Day Special-The Reason Is Us

Hi All,
 International Women’s Day was just round the corner,and so was everyone celebrating.Has the Society really changed or the perception  towards Women has changed??? 

In reality ,nothing much has changed we are still struggling ,still fighting and many a times we give up due to our circumstances and our so called Society.

The foremost  reason why we women are still dominated humiliated and  treated as a show piece is We ourselves.
I know I might be sounding stupid to some but the reason won’t change. We females have the ability to  make it and break it,so it entirely depends on us and our upbringing.  Upbringing a child should not be gender biased. A child learns whatever they see at home  .Learn to cultivate good view’s & thought’s so that they can carry forward the same .Give respect  be gentle respect all  etc.
My point is why don’t we cultivate the same upbringing on both the genders ,why boys are treated differently then girls it’s all our fault we our self start differentiating since the birth.That’s why we are still behind & treated as what we are today.
Many a times we are forced to suffer because of Our culture our rituals are so pathetic at times that we are still considered as untouchable  or we are forced to believe so  .I have seen in many families- if a female is down(monthly cycle) she is treated as an untouchable ,she is not allowed to enter the kitchen stay at her room and what not

There are many rituals that people follow blindly ,but for what ,why are all ritual just for US,Men should be equally  treated but No.

I know everyone is aware or must have experienced  at some point still we or our partners don’t raise voice against it-To name a few –
Funny ritual  after giving birth to a baby you are not allowed to enter common room ,coz you are down and the priest  has not sanitized you & you are forced to drink Cows urine to become PURE …
Females opinion is nothing.
Females are not involved in any  financial issue of the house  or business for what???
Females are made to eat after the Men are done with their meals .What are dinning tables  & meals are meant for ???

What will society say ,what are you wearing and what not come out from these stupid thoughts.

We just suffer and end our live for what …we need to change the way we think,be positive and be independent .

Learn to say NO to Physical ,Mental ,Emotional and Sexual Abuse.

In which world are we living I still wonder where gender equality is a still a question .We don’t educate our boys then we crib ,we don’t allow our daughter’s to be equal .

The fault is in our upbringing ,in our education & in our thoughts .

We first need to change our view point  our mental block then only can we expect others to respect and consider our self equal.

Education is key to turn our society into a  better place.

Stay happy be a women.


Random Post-A New Phase In My Life

                                     New World Altogether
Hello People
I hope everyone is doing great .I’m literally writing  after  7 month’s .Missed the blogging world .
 The reason why I took a long break was , I was expecting and now I’m a mommy of a 6 month old boy.
His name is Kabir Pandey .He keeps me occupied the whole day ,leaving no Me time for me. 


Being a Mommy for the first time is quite exciting and stressful at times,but over all a nice phase and a new world altogether .

I will keep posting on regular interval’s if my little one allows.
Keep us in your prayers.
Thanks for stopping by,
Love to all 🙂

Limeroad Blog Fest- Monsoon Splash With Limeroad

                            Monsoon Splash With Limeroad

Monsoon season is almost here and to bring the best in our wardrobe ,limeroad has introduced some cool ,vibrant and trendy outfits especially keeping in mind the Monsoon season.

Once can choose from colorful dresses,shorts,capri’s ,cool tops trendy waterproof foot ware with cool chick  accessories to make you look bold and beautiful in this wet and humid season.

My favourite picks from are

Capri’s & shorts-Capri’s & shorts  are best suited for this seasons as their length is perfect ,they are yet simple and comfortable,and one can easily carry it off ,looking hot and stylish.

                           Check the latest collection here-Shorts & capri’s

Dresses-One can easily look stylish in these colorful dresses ,while going out for special events .Just keep in mind ,to avoid light colors and heavy makeup.Keep it simple and sweet.

                           Choose your favourite dress from-Western outfits
Denim Capri’s-Perfect for college wear ,style it with cool tee or top and look glamorous .
                  One can choose denim capri  from the following link- capri link
Cool Tops-One should always wear dark colors tops during monsoon season  to avoid any unfavourable condition.
Check the latest trendy tops here-Trendy Tops
Cool Colorful flip flops-One can always choose bring and girly flip flops to look hip hop and trendy this season.
Splash water with these colorful flip flops and select yours from this link-Flip flops
Accessories-Style yourself with cool accessories to complete your look and look like a diva
                         Check the chic style accessory  here-Chic style accessories
Feel free to share your picks from ,like I have shared mine  and the best part is everything is budget friendly and caters to all sizes.
This post is a part of  #LimeRoadBlogFest.
#This post is a part of the LimeroadBlogFest

Polka Dots Are Never Out Of Fashion-In Goa-OOTD

                                   Polka Dots Are Never Out Of Fashion

About GoaGoa  is currently the Republic of India‘s smallest state by area post the 1974/75 UN treaty and presently has the fourth smallest population. Panaji is the state’s capital, Old Goa called Velha Goa is the former capital and Vasco da Gama is the largest city

Place’s of Interest


If you are looking for peace  of mind and spend quality time with loved one’s ,simply book your tickets and head to Goa.


Pear Necklace-Zaveri
Footwear-Local leather boutique from Goa