Top 7 Tips to make her swipe right on Tinder App

Top 7 Tips to make her swipe right on Tinder App

Women have always been a mystery to men; they have never been able to figure out what actually is going on in her mind. It really takes a lot of effort to get to understand here in and out. As a matter of fact, it is no piece of cake to make a girl talk in a comfortable manner. Hitting the right chord at the right moment in right way is what all we need to do, to impress her.

Tinder is the online dating app, which most of the people who are from generation and are interested in dating would like to use the app. There are millions of users who use this particular app in a regular place. In fact, this app created something called as swiping right or swiping left and it has been buzzing around since the time the app came into existence and usage as well.

It is said that one-third of the people are getting hitched because of the online dating. There are people out there who are able to find dates and get away with it as simple as that. Most of us wonder, how do they really pull it off with such an ease, is it their looks or their creativity? Well, each person is unique and they do have their own ways in making things work.

If we are not able to get the attention of the girl, then there something which doesn’t seem to be right and we need to figure it out and find a solution for it as well. Making a girl swipe right is really not a rocket science as we think to be, it is simple and we need to apply our skills at work to get it worked? Here are a few tips which we can try, to make her swipe it to the right.

Post an elegant and decent picture

When a girl looks at a picture of a man, there are certain things which she would look at in the first place. There are a few men who give different kinds of poses, and there are quite a few possibilities that it would really be a big turn off, which we really do not want it to happen. It is always better to put up a photo which is decently looking and elegant enough.

No women are actually is expecting a man to really possess great looks and is really handsome. Avoid posting pictures without a shirt, pouting and something which is completely unnatural, it is for sure that she would end up swiping left rather than right. Keep the picture simple, neat, elegant and above all make sure that it is natural, which will definitely get her to swipe right than left. When a girl is swiping right, that means she has really liked you and you did look good and had her attention.

Express in an Easy way-

No girl really wants to know about someone with a long description about oneself. They prefer things to be simpler and seamless; it is hard for them to get around things which seem to be complicated. If you end up writing a big history about yourself, it is for sure that she will lose the interest. Quoting and captioning will no good, it is better to keep it unique and different, something which will actually get her attention. It is better to use the words in a balanced way to make sure that it does not look clichéd in any way.

It is alright to have flaws

There is nothing wrong in mentioning the flaws, but it good that it is not overdone, as it might send negative vibes. The fact here is that no one expecting us to be perfect, they are well aware of the fact that, humans are flawed and that’s nature and there is completely and absolutely nothing wrong in it. It is alright to mention the flaws which we have, be honest and try to keep it simple as well, don’t make it appear like something which is actually not true, that would be turn off as well.

Use words in smart way to get a response

Pick up lines are a few common factors which will grab attention in real time and if you are creative enough, then it is for sure that the girl would be interested in having a small talk with you as well. In our profile, when we put up words, it is a good way to mention about an adventurous experience or any kind of experience which could be interesting and out of the box. But, make sure that when mentioning, it is left with a question mark, which will make the girl get curious and would like to know what actually happened.

 Text with a unique style

Just sending a “Hi” or “Hey” wouldn’t really work; it actually seems to be old fashioned. We should always remember the fact that we are talking to a new person and indeed a stranger. There are certain ways in which we can start a conversation and it would be good to start something where the interests are common. That will definitely help in some kind of connection and continue it that way. We need to make sure that the conversation we are having with the girl is engaging and intriguing as well.

Meeting at the earliest does count

When a good rapport has been created, it is better that we meet up in person. We do not want someone to start assuming things and the person might be something different from what they were thinking the person to be as in real. It is good that we are not giving away false assumptions and negative vibes by any means before we meet someone. It is a good thing that is we have managed to build a trust in them; it does matter to some extent when we are meeting someone for the very first time and it would be good if we made it as a special one.

Do real women swipe right?

This is something which most of us are really not aware of and are still figuring out. It is said that men tend to swipe right 3 times more than their counterpart, which is a shocking fact. They say that men end up swiping right one every random profile then come across, just thinking that they are more chances for them to get matched by at least with one potential profile.

A survey showed that 46 percent of the men swiped to the right while just a mere 14 percent of the women did so. Though this one of the facts, it might sound out of place, but the profiles of the men were matched with 0.6 percent of the profiles which were actually fake profiles. It is also said that 10 percent of the women profiles were like by men. There are many users out there who just want to hook up, have one night stands and a few who really want to get into a relationship as well. Guys, if you are trying to woo her and impress her, keep it simple and keep it neat that is what all the girls actually expect in the first place.

Author Bio:Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies is a leading social and mobile development company which has launched a Discreet Dating App called Datingo App . I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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