Beauty has an address ~ Oman

                                           My Dream Destination-Oman

History of OmanOman’s history tells stories of heroism, courage, wisdom, patriotism, love and devotion to homeland. This brings us closer to understanding the richness of the Omani cultural experience which has contributed to the building of modern Oman.

Oman offers a  different experience for every individual depending on their likes .
One can categories the trip in 3 parts- Nature , Activities & culture.

If you are a Nature lover ,there are many options for one,from Valleys,

Reserves,caves ,beaches ,rock parks,deserts ,island and many more.

                               Famous-Al-Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve
If you are a fun person loves fun activity  ,there are many options for one,from boating ,racing ,trekking,dolphin & whale watching ,camping shopping & many more.

                                                    Turtle Watching
If you admire culture & historical  monuments  then there are many place to visit,to name a few -world heritage,forts,religious sites, castle,crafts,Souqs (Traditional Markets)

Nizwa Souq-Famous traditional market
If  I  get a chance to visit I would love to explore the cultural site of the country because of its rich & modern building and to experience  simplicity at the best .One can spend quality time with their love one at the Traditional villages like -Al Ashkharah,Badiya,Kumzar Village to experience the simplicity and enjoying life to the fulliest without any disturbance .

Would love to visit the World Famous Heritage sites  & castles like and explore the designs and texture of –The Five Falajs,Bahla Fort and Wall,Bat Tombs and Settlement,Frankincense Route,Al Ainayn Castle,Bayt Ar Rudaydah Castle
Therefor I would love to experience  beauty at the best by visiting the rich heritage  place’s and exploring the city and its culture making a divine experience for all.

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