Giveaway Time To Celebrate 300+ Likes On Fb

                                                          Giveaway Time 

It’s time to celebrate 300+ likes on face book,thanks to you all.

So as a token of love  & gratitude ,here I present the next giveaway .

This time Tag along with watermarks has teamed up with Oriflame India and has decided to give 3 hampers to 3 lucky winners-

Let’s see what the winners will get-Winner 1: Milk & Honey Hand & Body Cream &Metallic Nail Polish

Winner 2: Metallic Nail Polish – Choose any 3 color

Winner 3: 1 Nail Polish n 1 Lip gloss

So let’s start the giveaway –

The giveaway has simple rules ,simply follow them .

Please note it’s a sponsored giveaway ,do join the Oriflame page to stay updated with latest products & offers .

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Importance of Good Friday

                                          Importance of Good Friday

What is Good Friday-It is observed in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, which plays an important part in the Christian faith. It is often thought to be the most important event in Christianity, as it represents the sacrifices and suffering in Jesus’ life

What is so Good about Good FridayThe term ‘Good Friday’ may sound strange to many people considering what had actually happened on that day. Many wouldn’t believe that the day Jesus was crucified should be called ‘Good’, but there are theories explaining how it possibly started.
Different NamesMany  Christians call the day ‘Great Friday’. The day is sometimes also known as Black Friday or Sorrowful Friday, as well as Long Friday. In Germany it is referred to as ‘Gottes Freitag’ which translates into “God’s Friday’ while Anglo-Saxons called it Long Friday, which is how it is still known in Denmark.

The Good Friday Message-Among other things, Good Friday is a reminder of the compassion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you believe in religion, Good Friday tells us a tale of hope. The Bible upholds the teachings of Jesus — words of wisdom that are valid even after two thousand years. Jesus spoke of love, forgiveness, and truth, and not of violence, fanaticism, or revenge. He eschewed ritual for spirituality, urging his followers to tread the path of goodness.  Good Friday message is of compassion and love  and forgiving each other.
FaithOn Good Friday Christian believers remember the day Jesus suffered and died on a cross as the ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s sins.
It’s a fasting day for most of us and people break their fast by eating Hot cross bun after 3.30 P.M (IST) or after the church service is over.
Have A Blessed Good Friday Everyone.

In love with bling-Haul Post

                                                                        Haul Post

Hello friends,

Hope you all are doing great ..I know I’m not quite regular these days..but marriage life does change one’s life in a good way.

So no more delay -lets check out what have I recently purchased .

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